Rescue Journal i am thinking...

Carol  ·  Nov. 10, 2012

some of our staff do have small kids still at home and i like the fact that we can be flexible with work schedules and work around parenting responsibilities..however... things like daycare become problematic with school pro D days, sick kids i have told them they are free to bring their kids to work..we have tons of TV's, couches, beds and even kid friendly movies. but now i am thinking we should take it a step further than that and actually be ready in advance and set up to keep the kids content and entertained (and safe) for when they are i am thinking on that.

i love this kind of planning out happy shit instead of always focusing on just solving problems!
i am going to create a kid friendly may not be anything more fancy than de-junking my room and filling a box full of fun kid stuff..(or maybe it will be fancier when my creative juices start flowing!) but i will enjoy getting it done and together for the kids whenever we need!

being a working mom is hard enough ..there are a couple of simple ( and fun for me!) ways that we can make it easier i think.



What a super idea! We can all dig out our favourite children's books we love and donate to the cause.