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puke heads

Carol  ·  Nov. 10, 2012

there is no bigger and more unpleasent adrenalin rush around here than a big dog fight...somedays i fucking hate dogs. no one got hurt cuz i was right there but mya and bo got into a full contact, mya underneath and bo on top, snarling, vicious fight over the food bowl and bo did not back off when i screamed at them. he was too head over heels into the violence of it.... i had to physically pull that bastard off.

mya is currently laying in her crate with the door open, trying to look innocent but knowing damn well she better not even think to come out...she started it..i saw her make the first move.

bo is trapped on the couch...he keeps trying to get off of it but i won't let him, so now he is sitting there offerring me his paw in appeasement from across the good you freaking doorknob, i am still pissed right off at you. one has any punctures that i can find...just a bunch of slimed up fur. not that i really give a shit right now, fighting is the biggest, hugest, absolutely no exception, totally against every rule in my book.

the problem of course is against MY human rules..dogs have their own stupid set of fighting is canine universally accepted kind of rules.

i was watching the jane goodall documentary on DVD last night..she has a worldwide program to encourage and empower youth to help make the world right.
there were 2 very brief glimpses on camera that really upset me...they were on a poverty stricken first nation reserve in the states with the highest youth suicide rate in the country.

the first scene was of an 8 or 10 year old boy severely kicking a beaten down to nothing dog...the second was of a large dog chained with huge, but grossly short chains to a welded metal stand..the dog could not move or even lay down.

we live in a world so full of human suffering, human desperation, human want for basic needs..there is no respect, dignity, kindness or compassion in their lives and there is even less of all of that in their animals lives.
people who are forced to live at the very edge of humanity have little humanity to spare for others. it is just so utterly sad.

mya and bo may currently be homeless and unwanted dogs..but man they are lucky to have what they have.... there is no reason to fight here, to hurt each other, to be angry or in a rage. those two dogs i saw in that documentary, can't even comprehend of a life like these two have...and even more sadly... neither can the people who abuse them.

you two better knock this kind of shit are both blessed compared to those utterly hopeless people and their equally hopeless and helpless dogs.


J Koes

thanks for sharing your thoughts, totally hear you on how little is required of our fellow humans to make their dogs' lives tolerable, and how bitter it is that some of us aren't eager to do as little as that. back in my home country the amount of cruelty to dogs is overwhelming, and i when i moved to Vancouver i was so relieved to find no stray dogs on the street and no posters on street lamps warning dog owners about doghunters and tainted treats. i am really grateful to you for what you're doing for the animals in your shelter. sorry about the fighting incident, i know exactly how frustrating it is; my dog can be pretty aggressive to other male dogs if there's something in view that he perceives as his "property" (and it can be something as unpredictable as a squirrel on the tree) so i'm always looking out for other dogs when we're out, but after all, every dog is different, and there are so many things about my dog's personality that i adore that i have to put up with things that may be troublesome for me but are perfectly natural for himself. human rules ARE different from those dogs live by, you're right. and since they are forced to live by our rules about 99% of the time, i try to treat them with compassion and understanding when they don't.