Rescue Journal

a pretty good day.

Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2012

it was a good day. the tour group was filled with super good people and thankfully smaller than was originally booked. all of the volunteers did a kick ass squeaky clean job around here and got thru all of the laundry too...yay!
lynn's son in law came and fixed the kitchen sink water pressure issue by installing a new faucet set and fixed the bathroom leaking tub issue by taking out the old plug and leaving a new one instead. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! the issue with the water pressure at the washing machine is probably due to the washer itself so when we have some strong guys here, we will switch that washer out and try one of the spares.
brent is working on winterizing the outside barns so it is warmer for winter and he installed the winch in the dog shower for bathing weak and frail large dogs. KO, ali and bunny managed all of the barn work really well without mo. and christine, michelle and i got all of the bedtime stuff done so everyone is settled comfortably now for the night.

so a huge thank you everyone for a day that actually went really well!

a couple of future newsy things...tomorrow joe is moving to sheila and leila's for end of life care for the time he has left. sam and lea will be moving to maggies at the end of the month for permanent foster care. a nice peke loving man came and met maybe and is now gone home and thinking on her.

i think that is pretty much all of the news.



We will get a picture of Joe today and post the pictue some time today. Sheila was thinking of that last night.


Are we going to get a picture of Joe? I think it would be nice especially if his time is going to be short.


My mistake Leila. I pass the kudos on to Sheila & good song selections to all who chose them. Valiant effort by all I would say!


Wow, quite the household of personalities Leila - full time job just keeping it all straight- Glad Joe is there with your family now.


Oops just read my comment and there are some very bad typos in there. Please excuse them.


Actually it was Sheila who put the video together. My very small contribution was picking the Queen song "You're my Best Friend" and suggesting a very minor few pictures of the some of the animals - mostly the cats.

Joseph (long for Joe) has been here for about an 1 1/2 and he is very stressed. He has met Raleigh would did try to initiate play with him. He 1st did a little dance, then a play bow then went into a down and cried. Oliver is just totally ignoring him because Oliver knows that Joe is no threat to him. He will guard all gates, doorways, and pantry doors from Joe and Joe won't care. Joe also met Persy, our new cat. Persy is very forward. I thing Joe seemed a little unsure of Persy. He has seen Patrick over the gate and Patrick had a bark in his mouth which he didn't release. We will introduce Patrick to Joe tomorrow and Patrick will do a big bark in the face at Joe cause Patrick thinks he can take Joe down already but once he does the bark they will be fine. Screech is going to be a more gradual introduction and I don't know if Lotus or Little Face will ever come down and introduce themselves. I was thinking Joe would be better off hanging mostly with Screech and Patrick as they will ignore him the most even though they are the hardest to introduce. But now I think I will let Joe pick who wants to hang with. I sure hope he adjusts to my home.


Saw the slideshow from the gala today (thanks Alison & I believe Leila) There is a copy on Carols computer, if any one wants it just nail me down when I am there and bring a usb stick to put it on (it's just under a gig in size)


maggie your the best. they are going to love it there. and sheila and leila, joe is lucky to have you for end of life care. what great news


Maggie, you beat me to it. I was just going to post about the Aviva Challenge. Great that Turtle Gardens is in the 3rd round - let's keep voting. They are still in #1 place in the Shelter Challenge. Yeah!!!


Voting starts for the 3rd round in the Aviva Challenge today and Turtle Gardens make the cut.


Good for you, Sheila and Leila - I was just being a smart-ass. Joe is a lucky boy


Oh & Curt - sorry I missed you today. I put the memory stick on the desk in the office.


Awww yay for Sam & Leah !! I met Joe today, what a lovely old guy. Horay!! Thanks Sheila, Leila & Maggie :)


That's fantastic news for Sam & Lea they are such lovely dogs. I met Joe today what a sweetie so happy you are taking him Sheila & Leila.

Carol Ann

such good news for all these dogs. My little Maybe ---hope she gets the most fantastic home, I love that little dog. (doubt if sweetie 2 would like her though)


Unfortunately we have 3 young asshole dogs which is like having 6 old asshole one's - otherwise we would take Bo. Joe will be accepted by all of our dogs easily. Well as easily has they know how. I love Sam and lea - so glad they are going to stay with maggie


Hi carol. Kevin can come help switch the machine out. Let me know when you need him! Will I see you tomorrow?


Hey Carol; Don't forget the mac n' cheese Bunny left for you in the fridge today - and thanks to Lynne for taking some laundry home with her from the house - and Maggie for taking some home from the Shop - that's why it's done! Hopefully we'll get the washing machine water pressure in the house fixed soon. By the way, Joe is a doll - Sheila and Leila, are you sure you don't want Bo instead of Joe?? He's a lovely boy too. (just kidding)- and Maggie taking Sam and Lea - how wonderful.