Rescue Journal

some very thoughtful and kind hearted person...

Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2012

left a beautiful rucinni jersey steer trinket box here for me. i found it on the counter when everyone was gone for the day.
not only is it absolutely lovely, but when i hold it in my hand it feels like i am holding a tiny version of percy.
i don't know who are but all i can say is...thank you!

i will treasure this very special gift and the magical feeling it brings for lifetime.



his phenobarb levels are within theraputic seizure activity recently so right now he seems to be doing ok.


that was us! thank you for taking it in, Maggie. :-) we said hello to Mr Pitt as we headed out.

Wendy Scott

Carol, how did Smokey's vet visit go? Are there any updates on how he is doing?


Carol, we got the black boxes you were talking to Brent about. They are perfect and already have locking handles. We will bring them tomorrow. We paid for them from the money from Marta's rug project.


A couple of women came around 12:15 and asked to see you but you were in the midst of the tour. I believe one of the women was called either Alison or Bridget and they asked if we could give you the box.