Rescue Journal

dooms day...or not.

Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2012

yikes...i have to get the xmas/year end thank you letter written...where has this year gone??? it has flown right by!!!!

too bad i don't know for sure if the world will end along with the Maya calender by Dec 21?/23?, 2012 like some folks predict...there are so many things i wouldn't have to do... like... write the xmas letter or pay off my credit card.
anyway..i ain't worrying about the world ending....personally i don't really care if it ends or not as long as it is quick and universal..don't want to leave any of our guys alone or behind...that would totally suck.

oh well..i better assume the world will in fact continue or come 2013 if i don't get done what needs to be done.....we will be totally screwed.

the good news is...i have xmas day off which i am pretty sure is the first xmas day off i have had in over 20 that will feel totally weird!

ok...better quit goofing around anticipating dec....i still have to get thru nov. first.



i can come in on boxing day if it help renee to spend time with her family.


Carol, is it possible to get Boxing Day off? I are family on that day :)