Rescue Journal

well erin had a pretty shitty day at saints...

Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2012

and janice's probably was not all that great either.

and where was i? happily off to work (whew!)

we were short really short staffed. janice was on her own in the barns and erin was on her own with both the house and the mp building. luckily jamie showed up and was able to do half of the building (thx jamie!) but erin was still way overloaded and i am so sorry for that.

to top it off, bo jumped jelly today so erin got stuck with breaking up a dog fight (no one was hurt!) and i know from recent experience how not fun that adrenalin rush is.

don't hate your job not hate your job...PLEASE don't hate your job here.

tomorrow will be better (i hope!)...oh and here is a happy thought....BIG YAY! tomorrow is payday!
(note to myself...remember to sign the pay cheques!)



erin use the f-ing phone and call me i was busy till 1130 but could have come out. do not hesitate. what is the worst i can say, no but usually i will be available. i had already told carol that this thurs was a no go but that was only for the morning.


Erin, I owe you a huge apology as I just remembered Jamie, Lynne and I talked to Carol about helping out today. Sounds like Jamie was the only one who remembered.
So very sorry.


i dont hate my job, are you crazy? however, jamie heard me yelling at those fools and she was waaay over in the other building. and when i got back to work, i found poor joey had managed to hide under the bed. poor not-so-little joey. shows how often i yell at dogs. it wasnt a horrific day, but it was out of sorts, nothing flowed. also the alarm guy screwed me up some, i had to stick near him while he replaced the magnet on the big dog room sliding door *note to all- do not open that door all the way or the magnet will break off again. he also replaced the shops smoke detector, and the one in the foyer, bill is on the fridge (see the big N/C?)


Lastnight I dreamt I was there in the riding arena. Guess who was part of that dream? Joy, Emily and Percy!. Just thought I'd share that :)


Every bone and muscle in my body ache.. the first three sweats were a rush..falling over backwards while pulling a wheel barrow out of the way for YOU KNOW WHO had me land on the cart ..who left that there??? .. oh i did !! LOL. Thankfully it was a beautiful day and everyone was so good..of course ;o)


Hi Carol & Erin
Whenever you are faced with short staff please don't hesitate to phone me and I will jump in the van if at all possible.
There is no need to face dealing with two buildings by yourself.