Rescue Journal

an eXercise in frustration....

Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2012

i really like watching the Xfactor...i look forward to it ALL week! the public just started voting (i don't vote..that is too time consuming for me.) and OMG! they are not voting for all of the right people. they have the top three right but sent home 2 of my other favorites last night and almost sent home another of my favorite people...are you kidding me????

when i get visibly and verbally upset over who is sent home..the dogs all rush to comfort me...especially peluchi. "it is ok carol...i will make it ok..."...lick, lick, cuddle, cuddle, whine, lick, lick.

i am not usually interactive with what is on tv but last nights decisions upset me...i really liked those contestents....they were super nice and talented people. maybe i should give you guys a list to vote for so all of my favorites don't get voted out!

oh whew...gideon just moved, i thought i was going to have to go out to the barn to see if he was dead. i don't know why really old animals sometimes sleep like dead animals. i hope they aren't practicing or something but for whatever reason they do it.... it does freak me out.

i hope today is a better day for the staff.... and heads up for saturdays volunteers..i am working and won't be here. but i will be here on sunday so will see some of you then.

hah...good thing no one can vote me off of here, at least i don't have to worry about THAT!



i'll definitely bake for the sale. i'm not sure what to make, or when you want it dropped off, or when? maybe i'm not paying attention! i know the sale is the 30th.


Laura, I'll be baking for the sale. If you have a poster designed email it to me and I will have some printed. I will also contact the papers with the notice.


So hopefully everyone is doing some baking for our big sale haven't heard much from anyone.....also is there anyone out there who knows how and could print me off some colored posters about our bake sale....we need to put some up around town at vets, dog food stores etc. also maggie with your paper connection can you get our event advertised in the local I'm looking for a few volunteers the day of the sale...pricing,selling and keeping tables full...Saints needs this to be a success!!!