Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2012

from laura...

So hopefully everyone is doing some baking for our big sale haven’t heard much from anyone…..also is there anyone out there who knows how and could print me off some colored posters about our bake sale….we need to put some up around town at vets, dog food stores etc. also maggie with your paper connection can you get our event advertised in the local paper….plus I’m looking for a few volunteers the day of the sale…pricing,selling and keeping tables full…Saints needs this to be a success!!!


Bunny Horne

Laura, if you need to borrow an ez-up tent let me know - email me at home


I'll be bringing out baking from my family and I. Theyll be lots of plates of cookies (pretzel toffee, sugar cookies, peanut butter....). If we're short on any particular items or there's special requests then please let us know!


Sheila has my niece Isabelle making cupcakes for the bake sale. She is a pretty good baker.

Janice D

Hi Laura, maybe make another push on Facebook that bakers are needed. I think some times people don't have time to read the blog and look to FB for updates.


KO is taking care of posters she is getting them done at Sue's Copy Place who are always good to us. Maggie thanks for contacting the papers.
Also Helga I already have requests for your walnuts they are a favorite from previous bake sales.

Ann C

I'll be baking and so is my daughter, I have a bunch of new bags for you if you need them for people to take stuff home in.


Hi Laura. I'm doing a bunch of baking plus there are 25 250g. bags of local shelled walnuts ready for the sale. I could also come and help with the sale.


Laura, I’ll be baking for the sale. If you have a poster designed email it to me and I will have some printed. I will also contact the papers with the notice.