Rescue Journal

pretty quiet here this morning thank goodness!

Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2012

it was a crappy nights sleep. one of those nights where i am awake frequently.
smokey was ok...he did not seizure again after the 2nd one so that was good. and i am not really sure why i kept waking up over and over again, but i did and it sucked.

i am meeting jenn after i get off of work to look at wedding dresses today but i will only have an hour and that is if i can get off early cuz i have to get back here to feed and put the barn guys away. 2013 is going to be pretty busy for me...saints, 2 jobs and three wonderful grandkids to try to spend more time with plus jenn's upcoming wedding... i am overwhelmed already just thinking about it all.
oh and speaking of....everyone mark your calendars for the weekend of sept 6th cuz that is when the wedding is and i will be really busy and need lots of help up here. real saints news cuz i haven't been here much the past few days and the guys (except bo..always! and smokey last night) are mostly settled and quiet and happliy boring when i do get home for the day.

unfortunately bo is never really boring and that really is a bit of a drag.



Sorry Carol, I noticed the barn lights off by the time I got home....see you tomorrow!


Hi Carol hope you had fun with Jenn, check your e-mail for some good news, see you tomorrow.