Rescue Journal

i am really sorry BUT...what will it take to get this SAFETY point across???

Carol  ·  Nov. 18, 2012

i left here at 845 to pick up feed for the pigs and already folks were arriving. by the time brenda got here at 9 am...the house dogs were hysterical...they had 15 minutes to wind themselves up hearing the driveway alarm before someone came into the house. bo and odie were going at it thru the wire door...brenda had to use a broom to break up the fence fight. there really are not too many other ways i can say this...the animals are being put at serious risk for harm by folks not respecting the on site 9 am start time.
i work really hard to leave the dogs safe, calm and settled before i leave here each day. i would appreciate if other folks were on my same number one priority of keeping the dogs safe and not unduly stressed page.

if it happens again, i will invest the money to put a locking gate at the end of the driveway..and then everyone will have to patiently wait til the person assigned to having the key arrives.

i am not goofing around with this...i get pretty serious when the dogs are upset for no reason except folks thinking the rules are for everyone else. the rules are here for ALL of us to protect all of the animals here, including the pain in the ass and prone to over reaction dogs.

it will be too late to wish you had arrived a few minutes later after one of the dogs gets hurt.



everyone knows the start time if they volunteer here. it is of non negotiable and critical importance to the dogs, the neighbors and to me.


i am editing the comments folks...i don't want to start a war..i just would like no one on site before 9 am please.


Thanks Bunny for your comment <em>(that carol just editted the shit out of..sorry</em>!) - Just so we're all clear; I personally will be jumping on anyone who arrives before me at 9am from now on.


Oh, one more thing - the washing machine is doing the exact same thing as the other one - (water trickling in) so I was filling it up with buckets of water to get it thru washloads today. It is obviously not an appliance problem, but a water pressure problem somewhere. What a pain. Thanks Maggie for picking up the excess laundry today from the house and shop.
On the positive side, it was lovely to have good water pressure in the kitchen sink faucet to bathe Chance and Squirt today.

Bunny Horne

Brent and I were sitting in his car in the school parking lot, positioned the furthest point away from Saints entrance morning ensuring that in no way did we enter the premise in advance of the 9 am start. We followed the convoy of Helga, Tammy, MO and then us - all arriving at 9 am - in keeping with the protocol.


Yeah, If I can adjust my arrival time and gauge it to come at 9am driving in from Hope, then I see no reason why people who live closer can't do the same. Carol has asked, and then TOLD us not to arrive before 9am, so there should be no excuses - just do it. I do not enjoy walking into a frenzy of wound up dogs in the house, and having to break up a fight as soon as I come in the door. Bo could have jumped Shane, or Crash, or Buddy before I got in there - not a happy thought - and then Bo would be blamed, which is not fair. Let's all be more responsible and respectful please.