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maybe i am being totally and completely unreasonable but...

Carol  ·  Nov. 19, 2012

honestly..i really just do not see it.

i simply cannot undersand why it is so freaking difficult and such a freaking headache and so very freaking traumatic to have a weekend start time at saints of 9 am.

i really don't get it.

so here is the oppportunity for folks to state their side of this...what am i missing? what am i not considering? why is that 15 minutes so important on the other side of this?

i know why that 9 am weekend start time works best for saints, the dogs, the neighbors and me but i don't know why it doesn't work as well for everyone else.

what is the issue here? i can't understand it and it is boggling my brain.
i need to know WHY this is such a big deal from the other side of the fence or this will continue to cause strife and headaches to all of us.

this is not me just being a control freak and trying to push folks part really is i just want to keep our dogs safe and avoid our neighbors getting pissed at us.

if someone has a better idea that will accomplish these goals..i am willing to consider it. unfortunately...i haven't been able to think of anything else...but maybe there is another solution that i haven't thought of yet???



My thoughts exactly Diana. I will add the reminder to the next Friday schedule.


For me, sleeping in on Saturday after working all week works great for me, so being before 9am isn't an issue for me.

But, I also think we need to remind everyone of the rules once in a while. I know we aren't children, but sometimes the rules do change and we haven't heard, or we see something being done differently and assume they have changed.

Also, although I think the blog is great for sending out info, perhaps we can add to the volunteer email that Nicole has done up and sends out.

shelagh f

Thursday has been a bit short the last few weeks, so
will be there at 0900 with food, dog and cat. Know
we have a lot of dog food, but you know what, you have a
lot of dogs. How are the apples?


hi maggie...i think we are ok...the stuff we are not ok with is all stuff that i need to personally do...but thx for the offer!


I'm guilty of being early and sitting in my car in the past but since becoming aware of the driveway alarm driving the dogs batty I have stayed away. Hopefully now everyone really understands. Thanks for the reminder :)


I'm so glad you posted this Carol because I thought of ooming in early a few times so that I could get away a bit early. Never did but thought about it, for sure will not do it now.


Carol don't forget that I'm not working tomorrow because I have a matinee for my show


If I arrive early, I will just park at the far end of the street in front of the school and wait, which is not a problem. (I tend to be early for everything I do- that's just me). I am one of the senior volunteers who has on occasion arrived early in the past, but I now totally understand the reasoning for the 9am start and happily oblige. It really isn't a problem Carol. Don't overthink it - we all need to realize we are guests at SAINTS and remember what an honour it is to be part of something so special, and also to remember the reason we all started to come in the first place - for the animals. If anyone has a real problem with the start time, then I agree with Maggie, maybe SAINTS is not the place for you.


Not a problem for me, now I understand the reasons. I can just sleep in an extra 10 minutes, which works for me!!


to be isn't just one or two...almost EVERYONE has had an issue with this at some point...even some of the senior and long termers too. each time it can be a different person with a different reason behind it.

..i can just sneak in...i have to get in and out of here quick so i will come a bit and so is already here so i guess i can start now is only 5 or 10 minutes early and what does that really matter..i think since i am here, i can start a bit early?..i need to do this or that thing of REAL importance so the rules don't really apply for me today.
it all adds up to too many times when added together and that is the happens every single weekend for some reason or is the accumulation of all of the "one time only" excuses that is so frustrating.


Perfectly said, Mggie. It feels the majority of the weekend volunteers are aware of this. Maybe an individual talk to the few who can't seem to bey the rules.


You are not missing anything. Life has rules just like Saints has rules. I think its clear cut…if you can’t follow the rules at Saints, which are for the safety of the animals and peace with the neighbours, maybe this is not a good fit for the volunteer.