Rescue Journal

bigger fish to fry..

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2012

like bo who jumped odie today and this time did leave a puncture in poor odie's skin. i am not sure why i was so sympathetic to odie's upset, it is not like he hasn't jumped others and freely shed their blood..but for some reason i really did feel sorry for him.

thinking hard about bobo.

i forgot renee was off tomorrow but it should be ok cuz dionne is here. i think tho i will go in there early and get all of the meds and ollie and maybelle's baths done, then dionne should be good on her own.

i also forgot that KO booked andy and squirt in for groomng. so i need to get those two sedated early and take them in and stay with them until they are done.

then i have to do some feed shopping but there is just a couple of things that i can pick up on my way into maple ridge. i am watching ethan so lindsey cango run some errands and i am really hoping he doesn't have a "where is my mommy?....i need to nurse right now!" crying fit.

next i am going into pitt meadows to walk bru because jenn's honey was in a car accident today and will be feeling pretty damn crappy tomorrow.

then it is the final rush home to pickup ollie and take him back to maple ridge for his vet appointment. i can pick up the refill meds from our mission vet on the way home.

i got called in for sick call shifts both today and tomorrow but i am too freaking busy to work any extra overtime shifts right now. was pretty much just as busy but my headache is a bit better cuz i just had some soup. i totally forgot to eat or drink anything since breakfast and that was really stupid.

ahh shit...abbey just seizured..i better put her phenobarb dose back up again.

screw it...i am not going to worry or fuss about being a hag over the 9 am start is what it is, it meets saints needs and quite frankly i currently have bigger fish to fry.




I do sypathise with your current upsets.

I have a bit of a rough go for a seven year old bouvier dog and in dire need of help.
She is scheduled to be put down today as I have called every rescue available that I know of and none will accept her as she has bitten our small dog at home.

I am desperate and at my end as we had one last ditch hope of taking her to a no kill rescue this morning only to be turned away at the door as she was not from that district.
I am sorry to place this in your zone however I am desperate for assitance. If Saints is available for any assistance it is greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the desperation request

Carol Ann

sorry to hear about the accident, hope he is ok.
I wish bo would stop his nonsense. I have 2 here like that, the 2 labs keep jumping each other. ugh