Rescue Journal

it has been a terrible day...

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2012

we lost both abbey and ollie.

the vet, mo and i all agreed abbey's quality of life has deterioriated to the point of just simply existing from one moment to the next. we wanted more for her than least some joy and happiness. the vet found a large mass in her belly which supports the theory that her seizures were probably caused by a metastatic lesion to the brain.

i knew ollie's kidneys were crap..his bloodwork a few weeks ago showed he was bordering on end stage renal failure. he has continued to lose weight, and while he was still eating and drinking well, he also was very dehydrated. the head tremor that started this weekend was because his electrolytes were out of whack. the vet said we could try IV's and meds but at best we would only buy him another week or so. in any case things were about to go from not great to pretty damn bad..ollie was far too sweet and innocent to risk letting him slip into true suffering.

rest in peace abbey and were both wonderfully sweet, gentle and very kind souls.



I had the chance to get to know Ollie a bit while we were on route to the Vet… I wish I had made a bigger effort while he was here. What a sweet cat, he did little coo’s on our journey & when I would say his name & tell him all was fine.. I swear he answered with another little coo ( almost like the sound of a dove ) RIP little man.

Abbey will be in my heart always, she was a good good dog. Be at peace doll-face and sweet dreams of chasing balls & chowing down, your 2 most favorite things.

Janice ter Borg

I know how difficult it is to make the decision to say goodbye. But I've really learned that it comes down to their quality of life. It has nothing to do with us humans & how heartbroken we'll be when they're gone. It's all about them, not us. RIP sweet Abbey & Ollie.


Oh Carol, I'm so sorry about Abbey and Ollie. Thank you Tammy for calling me over to look at Ollie on Sunday, because I was able to sit with him and experience how much he loved to cuddle. I really did not know this cat at all, but fell in love with him right away. -and Abbey, such a sweet sweet dog. I'm so glad Mo was able to be with her too. Very sad day for sure.


Oh no. I am heart broken about sweet Ollie. My second favorite to the Rock. Now both my boys are gone. RIP Ollie, and have fun up there with The Rock.
So sorry to hear about such an awful day