Rescue Journal

sorry about no post last night...

Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2012

i was out with jenn after work doing mommy/wedding things.

jess is home from the fact considering his extreme age...hips and joints look pretty good on xray. the vet thinks he probably pinched a nerve in his back or something when he was being a dick head to june.

however..he is still a freaking big worry because jesse is very upset. i absolutely could not get him to eat or drink or take his pain meds last night. i even tried shoving the meds down his throat but that was too much for him and he started to snap and bite. pretty hard to shove meds down with a muzzle so i left him and am hoping he will take them this morning. if he doesn't feel better and start to eat and drink, this still could be his potential end of life crises thing.

yesterday ryan found the stupid laundry issue...the plumbers had not turned back on the cold water to the machine. unfortunately in the discovery, the hose was broken so we still have no cold water to the machine. today i will try to pick up a new fitting on my lunch break and fix it if i can when i get home.

maggie if you can please and thank you grab some house laundry, that would for sure help erin out cuz the laundry is piling up. my real concern is the broken fitting is corroded on to the am not sure i am strong enough to get it off to replace. i guess we will see tonight.

it is always the littlest things that totally mess up your day....and in jesse's case...maybe your life.
eat, drink and take your pain meds today please jesse..a 17 yr old large dog is far too ancient to be able to withstand a prolonged mental and emotional melt down over a painful a good dog, cooperate and feel better asap...this is critical.



Vice Grips are always a must have (the real ones not the knock offs that are shit and break). I always keep a small pair in the house where ever I am.


Liquid wrench actually works better than WD 40. What can help too for any tougher job is a latex glove. Dont even have to put it on. and invest in a pair of vice grips. Every lady needs um. How are the hounds doing?


Just left Saints and Erin had Jesse up & about after eating his food. You Rock Erin!!!


Or Kevin and I can come up...I can grab some laundry and he can try using his brute strength to loosen it. Let me know if you need help with either


if the wd-40 doesn't work there is a product called Liquid Wrench that will do just fine.


hey mags, if your coming over, see if you have some wd-40 kicking around, maybe we can try to loosen off this spigget thing, pretty sure i know the one carol means.