Rescue Journal

sorry..i lost my blog access til now...

Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2012

nicole fixed it for me..yay nicole!

erin..i think "brave" is in my dvd player if the kids want to watch it.

HUGE THX darryl for fixing the washer hose...YAY!

maggie..i will try to call you tomorrow.

renee..maybe start with helping erin in the house for a quick bit..then smokey and benny and sam and leah need brush outs, tess needs a bum hose off in the shower...her vulva is getting inflamed again (she is too fat to clean herself!)...wilma needs a really good ear cleaning and (oh freaking yay!) zsu zsu needs dematting shave along her back!
plus the extra and donated meds all over the place need sorting if you are in a sorting mood. now doesn't that sound like a REALLY fun day????

jamie...i want max back!!! i MISS him!!! (gawd dam everyone past and present for stealing my favorite dawgs, can someone PLEASE steal some of the assholes!!)

i just want everyone to know that i am SUPER busy right now and it has been a couple of pretty darn crappy weeks with the recent deaths and varied crises and other things happening at saints. so please forgive me if i am not at the top of my game. i can't really promise that i will get better..but at least i haven't shot myself ( or bo).... yet. i think that is a fairly positive thing.

i had a terrible craving for spagetti on my way home from work. luckily i had a frozen no name family sized spagetti in the freezer so i microwaved it. quite frankly it tasted like shit so i tossed it into a couple of bowls, grabbed some spoons and fed jesse and all of the house dogs some. they being less picky, thought it was great.
so happy to see jesse feeling better again!

role reversal is sound asleep in mya's crate and mya is asleep on the big boobs bed...oh well... at least they are both being good for a change.



Sorry Carol Max can't come back just now as he is curled up in the big bed with mumma, yoda & jedi. Then we have breakfast, our hike, nap, lunch, play, nap, walk, nap, play, dinner, nap ........