Rescue Journal

the highway to heaven

Carol  ·  Nov. 23, 2012

which apparently runs fom the left hand back corner of ray's stall, along the side wall, under the door and across the hallway into gideon's stall.

i get up this morning and i see in the dark of the camera's, 19 small rat bodies scattered sleepily and obviously sated and full, lounging around gideon's food bowl. they were obviously exhausted from their all you can eat food convention. gideon is the only one with large amounts of leftovers during the night because we feed him so much at dinner purposefully so he can snack thru the night.

at 0530, ziggy turned on the light and i watched said "sated from the all night smorg" little buggers, jump to their feet, run back under both gideon's and rays doors and zip along the side wall back into their day time den.

bastards. i will ignore 3 or 4 but cannot turn a blind eye to 20..i guess this weekend i will be doing something about their well travelled route to gideon's all night turning it into a highway to heaven.

i just have to figure out how to do it safely.

this just pisses me right off...i am more than willing to let a few of them live out their lives happily and undisturbed in our barns but fer chrissakes not 20...then 40 then 400. friggin horny bastards...stop having gawd damn sex and breeding more!

dear god....i would like a small community of single sex gay rodents livng here. then i won't have to be a serial rat murderer.

their highway to heaven will be my eventual and eternal highway to hell..."thou shalt not kill" most likely includes everyone, including little, cute and furry, prolifically breeding brats.



Oh I left it in the MP room, can you let me know that you found it? Thanks!


Carol, I left my travel mug at work, it says Whistler on it. Can you grab it and put it somewhere? Thanks :)


"dear god….i would like a small community of single sex gay rodents livng here"