Rescue Journal

sadly, today we let wilbur, our little senior pot belly pig go.

Carol  ·  Nov. 28, 2012

he has been getting progressively worse and nothing we did seemed to help in any way. we will have a necropsy done to see if we can find the underlying cause of his pain. but the bottom line today was..wilbur had no real quality of life anymore and nothing we did improved this.

wilbur has always been an odd little least he has been a bit odd since he came back here a few years ago. i don't remember thinking he was odd when he first came here about 8 years ago. he came back for acting distressed and depressed in his adoptvie home a few years ago. he seemed to pop out of his funk and did well for a couple of years. then about a year ago he became increasingly immobile, inactive, antisocial and frustrated. soon he began to display signs of what we still think was pain. we have tried several different NSAIDS and pain meds, diet changes, janice tried some homeopathics and reducing possible allergens..there was a reikke student working with him for a little while too. several months ago we physically sent him into a clinic for a full head to toe assessement including bloodwork and xray views of every possible part of his body and nothing showed up.

wilbur had all of us stumped but whatever was bugging him, was getting progressively worse...yesterday and today were particularly difficult for him.

wilbur passed peacefully away this afternoon,the vet came out to help him. i hope wilbur is somewhere now where he is pain free and content. i so wish we could have been that place for him yesterday, today and tomorrow but we couldn't.

i will let you know what the necropsy finds..i am so sorry wilbur that we failed you.



He was a Great Great Pig.. if we had a spider like Charlotte I am sure she would have spun him a Web stating just that. It is always a bit weird at the barn when we lose someone and I will probably prepare his feed before remembering he is gone...RIP Wilbur & good rootin to you.


No fail here Carol. You and Janice went above and beyond trying every possible angle to make him more comfortable. He received the very best of care. I will also miss tucking him in and hearing Mo's special songs for him. RIP Wilbur xo


So sorry for the loss of Wilbur today Carol and all who cared for the little man. I was always happy to cover him with his wool blankets on the weekends and when he felt up to it to give him a little scrub and scratch on his belly and under his chin. Rest in peace Wilbur.

Bunny Horne

You didn't fail him. He had love, good food, clean bed, companionship if he wanted it and MO to sing to him while gently stroking him.