Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 1, 2012

i kind of need to know we are going to run out of food BEFORE we actually DO run out of food. tomorrow tammy will bring food for the mp room and frail cats..there are still four cans in the medical room for those cats in there, and there is a few cans in the house for the house cats. i used up my sick cat fancy feast stash so the communal room did get fed tonight..all is well but it was tight!

i got off work early to get the barn guys in bed before dark...good thing cuz our favorite furnace guy was here. the furnace is fixed....yay! the barn guys did get done a bit late and weren't too happy but oh well...the pigs all got cake with their dinner so they forgave me. ziggy is still a bit pissed, he is flicking the lights on and off just to bug me and drive up the electricity bill.

big hugs to maggie who had to euthanize rumple today..his dementia had progressed to the point of affecting his quality of life. my deepest condolences and grateful thanks maggie for taking rumple as a foster and loving him so very well. he had peace and loving kindness and tons of spoiling at the end of his life...he had everything he could ever dreamed of..rumple was a very lucky old boy.

rest in peace rumple, you were a GREAT dog. so sorry maggie for your loss of him.



First SAINTS saved Rumple from what would have been his untimely demise in a shelter, then Maggie gave him a loving home with all the love and caring he deserved. Thank you SAINTS, and thank you Maggie...


Rumple tho quiet sure stood out in the group with his toddling way....thanks for giving him a your heart Maggie


Hugs to you Maggie, Rumple was a wonderful doggy......sweet dreams Rumple.


Maggie, so sorry for the loss of Rumple - he was a lucky boy to have ended up with you.- and I always loved his name; it suited him.

shelagh f

was there Friday, am coming tomorrow as I said on
another post, with canned
food. Not Friskies but there were cases of canned
food of other sorts. Thought Sunday would be soon
enough. Before, we were trying to use up a lot of the
other canned food. I will be at Costco in the morning.


carol im sure when shelagh was out of fri she said she was bringing canned food on sunday so i didnt bother saying anything. i thought for sure wed make it through, didnt realize it was going to be tight at all. sorry, my bad.


He passed away in a loving home and that is greatest gift anyone could have. Sorry for your loss Maggie.


so sorry for your loss maggie. Rumple was an awesome dog. Thank you for giving him a loving home.