Rescue Journal

i feel pissy.

Carol  ·  Dec. 3, 2012

i wish there were 130 people exactly like me so i could send each and every one of these animals out into great, no matter what, forever homes and be done with this rescue shit.

why can't the lacking in bladder and bowel control find homes that can love AND live with them? why can't the assholes be loved and cherished in a home of their own? why can't the ancient may die any second (or not) find the perfect place to finish their life journey?
why will a big, healthy, not so old, goofy, moronic mixed breed pit/boob with great bladder and bowel control probably spend the rest of his life here?

it is because we want..we crave...the perfect life. one that does not revolt us with body waste or visible tumors or tongues that hang down to our chest, one that does not upset us, one that does not scare or challenge us, one that does not make us angry or sad or queasy.
we are such big freaking weinies...side stepping desperate animals with their various problems because of our own inability (read that to mean..refusal...) to deal with them.

when will we open our eyes and accept the reality moving our way..leaking bladders and unpredictable bowels are personally coming for us as we age. we might get cancers...we might become demented...we most likely already sometimes act like real assholes...we might not be so great to look at..maybe homely or fat. we might reach the day when getting up and down or in and out of bed actually hurts us...and if we are lucky enough to have a long life...we will all reach the day when we are so old that tomorrow we might be dead.

the very same shoes of living and aging will be worn by every single species..human, dog, horse or cat.
so do we want to be homeless, not wanted, unloved? do we want to be discounted, forgotten, ignored? can we accept our life as not valued and live it alone? shall we be nuked because no one can be bothered with us because we bring imperfection and the challenge of living to plain view?

there is no reason for these animals to be homeless..for 30 of them to have ended their lives here in 2012 (not including how many hundreds of old or wrecked lives that were ended in other places, who never even made it this far to here.)

ok..i suppose there is one real reason....
no one cared enough about them to give them a home of their own.

sucks to not be perfect.


Deb Eckert

I agree Carol. I just had to let my sweet Chicklet go last weekend. She had cancer and was old. I hand fed her, nursed her, carried her up and down the stairs,and cleaned up her accidents. And in return she loved our family until her final breath. I work full time in a high stress job, have kids, volunteer, etc. If I can make the time, anyone can.

My kids have lived a life where they have experienced that you don't give up on a living creature just because it is an inconvenience. When I am old and struggling,I know that they will find that same compassion for me. Live your life as an example. Be what you want to see in the world. Thank you Carol for the example that you set.


No need to talk to me about Bladder. colon or cancer as I have all three!!! People still love and want me though. Animals not so much. I have the frequent out of box poo and pee, bahaviour issues etc etc here without blinking an eye. Need to clone me but without my human health issues and just my brain............


Hi Carol. We will be by today around 5 ish with all of the PETvember donations from Clayburn Middle. Thanks so much!


Voting starts again today on the Aviva Challenge - semi-finals. Turtle Gardens is way down in the ratings at present and needs our votes. It would be great if we could get them into the finals.


You're right it does suck. I had an incontinent dalmatian, both bladder and bowels, and wall to wall carpet. With people, you can stick a depends on them and they will usually leave it there. My dog, not so much. I do get why people can't deal with them. I spent 11 years of cleaning and cleaning. I was divorced with a family and job and no spare money for replacing flooring, couches, beds etc. Sometimes there are no miracle answers. No, I didn't put her down or give her away, I just loved her and cleaned.

Jan S

At least they have you,SAINTS and all the volunteers.
I hate to think were they would have end their lives if they didn't have you.