Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2012

the old shelter BC is not coming..his health has taken a sudden and sigificant turn for the worse and the decision was made to in peace grandpa, i am so sorry it was too late for you to come here.

hilda is home and very happy to be here too. she has resumed her role as bed boss and has found all of her confidence and personal power again. she has chased june off the bed several times and al barely got in the door before he U-turned to avoid ms. bossiness...neither one is all that glad that the little big bed hag is back.

sooo...i think i am on a suicide mission..i had some kind of 24 hr. stomach flu or maybe food poisoning or something and i barely got thru work today by counting down only three more full shifts til my next day off. except..i then picked up sat/sun 5-9 shifts cuz they were desperate. this means my next full day off isn't until the 15th..that will be 17 in a row...soooo... who is a freaking big, giant dumbo????

not super (wo)man..more like...stupid (wo)man.