Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 5, 2012

i came home tonight to a bunch of notes...flora isn't eating, bo's backend is sore, odie's tail base is swollen, chloe looks like she has an ear infection, and bess is being mean to al. plus i see that something is not so emotionally great with squirt so i am wondering what is up with him?
flora and squirt are worrisome..flora might be reaching the end of her road (she has been in endstage renal failure for several months now)..and squirt i need to figure out if the odie-beast upset him today or is he messed up from seizuring again.
bess and al may need to be in the big dog room and the other in my bedroom if they can't get along and chloe will probably need to be caught and shoved in a cage again so we can treat whatever is going on with her ear. i looked at odie's tail..i am not sure if it is swollen or if the bugger is getting fat and has developed a tail/butt crease..i will keep an eye on it. bo seems ok tonight but i will be keeping an eye on him too.

jeezus you guys i already did a full day of had to be so many extra messed ones up tonight??? give me a break. i should get one of those number dispensers...everyone grab a freaking number and wait yer gawd darn turn.

if flora isn't eating by tomorrow..i will have to book her euth. appointment. this was the plan..once she stopped eating and drinking it was time to help her pass. if i can convince squirt to come out of his little house without actually grabbing him and freaking him out more..., i might have a better idea of what is bugging him. i will particularly be looking for obvious clues..(ahem odie) any tooth marks on him. i damn well better not find any.

good lord ray is getting fat..he looks pregnant in the cameras tonight...i can see his big pot belly sticking out on both sides.

and ziggy..please turn off the freaking barn lights!

for those that don't know...zellers in maple ridge is closing. i picked up a new (VERY CHEAP) kettle and coffee maker for the staff cuz theirs both broke. so if anyone needs xmas presents or whatever..that is the current pretty freaking cheap place to go. the only thing is, because they are returns on anything that you buy.

ok..i guess i better go looking for more sick animals..oh shit i almost forgot...

my warm and fuzzy moment for tonight.

so i start my bedtime checks in the rabbit room..make sure everyone has food and water and everyone is ok for the night. when i got to amber, tu and danny's pen.i..i had to stop. amber was laying full out on her side and tu and danny were both resting their chins on her. she looked dead. i opened the pen and reached down to touch her..still soft and warm but not moving despite my hands on her. tu got pissed off cuz i was messing with amber who was obviously being cared for by danny and her. she growled at me and used her nose with fair amount of force to push my hand off of her. i reached down to poke her a bit harder to see if amber would actually wake up and move..then both danny and tu grunted and nosed me in unison..leave off bugging her stupid human!

anyway..i finally on the third try, did get a good poke in by avoiding their pushy pissed off noses. amber woke up, sat up and looked bewildered. oh yay amber, glad to see you are so well loved and protected and everything is a-ok.
sorry to bug you babe.


Cathy Thomas

All Zellers are closing and most are becoming Target stores I believe.


sorry for the overload, one friggin thing after another today. squirt was fine when i left, nothing unusual at all