Rescue Journal

figuring chloe out.

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2012

i moved squirts little house up into the laundry room. i don't think odie has been bugging him but just in case, so he is safe when no one is home...i think i would feel better with him up there with chance.

i got a really good look at chloe last night...i think whatever was on her face when she was originally rescued is coming back. i think she had a second reoccurence with her original rescue so this would be her third. if i remember correctly..they treated it with panalog cream. but i am wondering what it is the underlying bacteria or virus or fungus or allergy at the bottom of this reoccuring lesion.
anyway..the timing of this just totally sucks because chloe has been doing so well. she is not only coming out and staying out in plain view in the evenings but last night she actually came within 2 feet of me looking for her canned food. the last thing i want to do right now is grab her, cage her, treat and upset her again..not when she is making such significant progress in the trusting dept.
i need to do some thinking on this.

no one knew if chloe was spayed or not and due to her age (14) it was a non issue. it didn't seem worth adding to her months of trauma of rescue, being caged, being driven from alberta to bc in a small crate and back into a cage with new strangers here to add another stressor by sending her in for a spay upon arrival.

but if i want to get to the bottom of that lesion and get rid of it once and for all..i need to send her into the vet for a biopsy and diagnosis and we might as well spay her if she needs at the same time. i have a hard time wrapping my head around a snow white, most likely PB oriental as a true feral. given her coming out more and more..i am leaning more towards a longterm freaked out, extremely shy, reactive, and overly sensitive cat. this gives me great hope that one day..just like ogidie and morgan before her..that if i am patient and don't bug her...she will one day trust enough for us to be friends. it may take a year or two but maybe one day we will get there. hope floats yet again.

so here is what i am thinking..i am going to leave her alone for a bit and let her trust continue to grow without screwing around with her. i have a couple of week days off the week after next so i will book her in for the full meal deal when i am around to personally take her in. i will talk to the vets before then to give them a heads up because she will need to come in early the day before for bloodwork and stay overnight so the results are back before they knock her out.

ok..i feel better now about her..we have a fairly workable and responsible plan.



"sometimes they block my ears & I can’t hear my

Thats a great excuse for work, I should try it sometime and see if it works.


0830 if you can renee...but only oliver is going in...chief has been bumped to next week.


God ... the older I get the more memory I am losing.. soon I won't know who the hell is looking back at me in the mirror..

Carol remind me to show you a short video on my phone of your box babies.. damm they are great cats..although they both like to sleep up around my head ( no longer fit under each arm ) and sometimes they block my ears & I can't hear my alarm...


lol mo..that was jacob who used to sit on your head...close but no cigar.


Ogidie..*sigh* I loved that cat. It is nice to remember him and the way he would sit on my head. He was one of the first SAINTS that I loved.