Rescue Journal

it has been a pretty horrible day.

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2012

flora was euthanized late this afternoon. she passed so peacefully and gently, her head pressed into me, her paws gently stretching and kneeding, i really think she was grateful.
flora was one of our spca cruelty seizures from the same hoarding situation as tess and some of the other cats. at saints she found comfort and care and cleanliness. for the last several months i have been absolutely anal about making sure she got her twice daily soupy food. it was something she could count on, that we would make sure she had her own personally served breakfast and dinner to make sure each day she took in enough fluid and food.
flora was one of the nicest cats i have ever had the pleasure of knowing...her giant polydactyl feet were enormous and so was her heart.
rest in peace flora you were a truly lovely and sweet cat.

today there was a terrible crises out in the barn yard. for some reason czar totally lost his mind and viciously attacked gideon. i think czars arthritis is really bugging him and he was getting more and more short tempered and frustrated and today just blew out in rage. gideon was the only weaker one in czars eye so i think maybe gideon became the focus of his anger and pain. both gideon and czar went down hard. gideon is shaken and sore but seemed to recover well. czar however is in a great deal of pain. we had the vets out right away and the fear is he may have fractured his hip or his pelvis. he was loaded up on pain meds and the vet came back and checked him again about an hour ago. he said if tomorrow czar is still in a great deal of pain and unable to walk, we will most likely have to put him down. i can call anytime tonight if czar slips into agony and i will be watching him really closely.

czar has never been violently aggressive before (he can be irritable and cranky tho...) but this is totally out of character for him. i am wondering was it pain related..or an extreme age related sudden episode of demented psychos..or could he have something like a brain tumor that has scrambled his perspectives....czar is well over 30 now. i think most horses never live so long so the negative effects of extreme equine aging are not that well known.

anyway...i honestly don't know what was going on inside czar's head today..but whatever it was must have been very upsetting for him. and i am so very sorry that gideon was so badly traumatized and that czar is really hurting tonight.

please god let tomorrow be much better for both of them.



I am so sorry ' and will say a prayer for all your critters with a lotta of love from our family here' i read your blog every day and every day i cry' but its ok maybe i need to ' then i go to bed and wake up with my Reese looking at me for breakfast' & i smile so me thinks it balances out ' but not' sad is sad '' but then i think ok lets go make sure puppy has fun and is happy today' opppps i think i am going blah blah blah ''sorry' good night ' pollyb Ray & Reese


Somedays - and nights, are gut wrenching. and suck big time. I'm so sorry Carol for this awful scenario. Here's hoping Czar comes thru this ok.

Wendy Scott

Praying for Czar, and hoping he will be better tomorrow. So sorry Carol to hear about Flora.


Flora was such a sweet cat. Rest peacefully, little one.
Hoping and praying that Czar will be feeling better tomorrow...


I will miss Flora, so sweet and patient waiting for breakfast.
Sometimes I really hate life.

Janette Korabo

I'm hoping and praying that both Czar and Gideon will be okay...