Rescue Journal

oh..i feel so bad!

Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2012

new dog in..another neglect case..the owners signed her over so she came straight to us.
she is a senior..matted, dirty and stinky, lumpy with tumors, painfully crippled in her back legs, dripping blood from her urethra, trying to pee a few drops every few minutes and sucking a ton of water back.

i barely got her settled in the shop when i had to leave her to get to work by 5. she was howling in protest at being left alone as i drove out of the driveway.

i have given her 3 comfy beds, fed her some canned gastro laced with antibiotics and pain meds. she licked my hands inbetween eating, she laid her head across my legs..she is so incredibly sweet and i feel like a crud leaving her alone in the shop within an hour of her arrival. but i bet that is more care in 30 minutes than she has had in a very long time.

as soon as i get home, i will settle everyone for bed, kick the big guys (except ewok and smokey) out of my room and go and get her to move her over to my room.
i tell you this is what we are here for...this is what we are supposed to do.

we are to be there for the ones that we can possibly stretch to help and screw all of the BS of everything else.
tonight i am giving her a new name and a new life ( i just can't be bothered to deal with any more not so innocent past neglectful owners)...and she will never be alone and uncared for again.

welcome halo..and i will love you.



So nice to end my work week on this note. Thank you so much Carol for all you do (:


i'm sure once those pain meds kicked in, and the antibiotics started to work (those things work hot damn if they're the right ones- i usually see an effect within a day in my own body, so in a lovely dog, it'll be quick) she'll be surprised and be able to sleep, without pain, in waiting for you. it'll be even more wonderful when she wakes upon the noise of your arrival and, in finding herself in an unfamiliar (but strangely comfortable) place, she'll be moved into an oasis of comfort and the person who will love and care for her for the rest of her days.
it'll be an array of wonders for her. she'll miss you when you leave, but THEN, she'll meet everyone else- so many smells, dogs, cats, animals, all like her! some grouchy, some kind, some suspicious- there will be so much to overwhelm her. one will even snarl from her protective nest of a... closet?
but then she'll meet everyone else- the others! kind humans who arrive and give strange pills to everyone that make them happier because their aches stop, or their anger will disappear and make them sleepy. they clean, they wash, they pick up the stained beds and lay down new, clean ones. imagine...... BEDS, for DOGS??
she'll know the wonders of being clean, of meeting the frightening people at a sterile, cold place that touch the sore spots and, upon waking, many of the itching spots are completely gone. there will be pain, but to her amazement it will stop and the skin will heal, with new hair scratchily growing forth.
she'll relearn so many things, and become used to things she never could have imagined: mainly, the security of comfort and a safe place to dwell, with loving people to care for any need imaginable.


yes welcome halo at long last you will get the love and care you deserve. and i am saying no more. cause i would love to lol


Welcome Halo!

Thanks Carol. It's been a week of challenges ... hope you have some Bailey's on hand.