Rescue Journal

it was a decent night

Carol  ·  Dec. 9, 2012

i was only up a couple of times and slept in til 8am..but man i am tired....6/17 shifts to go and then maybe i can crash and burn for a day or two to recuperate before the next big push thru the holidays.

i just want to remind folks that during the holidays it is really important to let us know as early as possible if you are unavailable on your regular volunteer day. i just found out that so far we are down three of our senior barn folks on the 23rd and i am working that day. this kind of short coverage totally freaks me out and i need time to come up with a workable plan.

halo had a good night..i think she feels a bit better this morning. she got up and went over to one of the pee pads and had a large, full, bloody pee. she then picked up a toy on her way back to bed. thank goodness she can at least store up urine and have a full void now...that peeing a few drops every couple of minutes really burns.

i will have to get her introduced to the other dogs quickly this morning in case someone forgets and lets her get in with them before they have met.

looks like it really wants to snow this snowing....i am not ready for full on winter yet!



I can help in house or MP building on 23 rd if you need me I let Nicole know I am off from 21st to Jan 8, if you need help


that would be GREAT dionne, janette and christine..thank you all so much!!!!

Bunny Horne

Carol, I see that Barking Babies has a Christmas event on Saturday the 15th and the flyer posted on their Facebook page says proceeds to SAINTS Rescue. Yay, Barking Babies, Yaletown.


I will be there on the 23rd - I can come earlier than I usually do (;

and awwwwee @ Halo picking up a toy on the way back to bed


C'mon guys, keep voting for Turtle Gardens in the Aviva Community Fund competition. There are only three more days to vote in the semi-finals, and they are in 23rd place right now. Not sure where they need to be to get into the finals??? If I understand it right, every finalist automatically gets $5,000?? I'm sure they could use that money!!

franesca Wilson

Carol, I don't know if this helps, but Marie and I will be there on December 19th for barn work!

Bunny Horne

Brent and I are on site on the 23rd for the barn area - hopefully this helps a bit.