Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2012

there is just nothing else to be done except to cry.

crying doesn't really mean is just another way to release some of the stuff choking me up inside.

it doesn't mean i am losing it or suddenly getting burnt out or falling weak to my knees.

it just means there is too many frustrating, worrisome, sad, or upsetting things currently boggling me.

do you know how i survive this totally fucked up life? i survive it because i accept that it sucks. old, sick animals are eventually going to die, my job is to make sure they are well cared for in life. the bat-shit crazies absolutely will never go away, they will continue to haunt me right to my grave. it really doesn't matter if i do or i don't because it will be wrong with someone, somewhere, no matter what and someone could or would do it better. there will always be fires to put out, crises to get thru, human relationships ruined. this IS the territory of rescue.

so i have my cry, then wipe away the tears and get right back at is why i am here.

britney, max and halo are home from the vets. brit and max have new eye and ear meds..i will pick them up tomorrow.
halo is most likely palliative, she has a fist sized tumor in her lower belly, a quicky ultrasound showed her bladder looks not so great. they adjusted her antibiotics and want to repeat the ultrasound next week under sedation to have a better look. it doesn't look good for halo too far down the road...but..our job is to take care of her today.

senior rescue pretty much sucks but someone has to do it...and i made it me,.
what are a few tears if they get me thru another day?..they are nothing, just water on my face.



i am glad you love it . it is beautiful and so much like clyde. it is as if the artist knew clyde and how much he meant to you, what a great memory of him.


remind me to show you that looks like clyde picture you gave me..i just had it professionally is beautiful.


on another note carol, i have something you can give to annabelle for christmas. i think you will like it when you see it. it is in honor of one of your animals.see you on sat