Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2012

i am switching to early morning shifts for this quick updates before i have to get ready to leave...

the worrisomes....
brittany is on and off of her food which is worrying me a bit. last night she was happy with little caesars at bedtime so that was good.

max 2 is developing a corneal ulcer which is not good...we wll get both he and brit into the vets..i will call them later today.

cooper is getting irritated by pepper..i was afraid of that. i might have to do some switch arounds.

max 1 is being a bit of a dick head with wilma...i am not happy about that so he might get switched somewhere too.

halo is doing well but still peeing a lot of blood...she needs to get into the vet asap too.

oliver is in waiting mode...the vet found a mass on his jaw....infection or tumor? hopefuly infection. he is on abx and will be rechecked later this week. this might explain why his blood sugars are high right now.

ziggy is right back with his constantly snotty gross nose. as soon as the wet weather hit he was back into it full blown. we will be watching him for any signs of pneumonia. he is such a worry in the bad weather.

clara the goat looks even fatter than before...she sure looks like she is pregnant. next time the vets are out i will get them to check her again. she looks like she has swallowed a whole freaking planet!

christine got the xmas tree up in the mp room so it is all ready for folks to bring xmas treats for the animals..yay!

5 more last big stretch...can't wait for a day off. hope this week goes FAST!