Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2012

sorry no post last pm...i was beat. got done what had to be done and then went to sleep.

tess and marg for vet runs today and hopefully the staff can get mango in too. he just is not bouncing back..not eating again, losing more weight..not doing good.

the vet said clara is not pregnant and this time with an ultrasound. he did draw some blood tho maybe that will tell us why that goat's belly is so freaking planet sized round! come to think of it..i have the same problem..maybe she too is old and fat with a bunch of past pregnancies when she was young.

poor mystic and june. last night i was not in the mood for their ritual evening of rough housing play on the bed. they both kept trying to suck up so i would not only let them have some fun, but maybe enjoy it as well. i couldn't do it..last night they had to be quiet and lay down, absolutely no goofing around.
sorry guys..i really needed to sleep.

i might as well of let them tho cuz i honestly do not feel any more rested this morning. all not so good things do come to an end..including too many shifts in a row..thank god it is finally friday. that was way too long of a work week(s.)

nicole is being overwhelmed by pre-xmas admission requests..look like we will mostly have to take in 3 of the current dozen wanting in but it will have to be no to the rest. one is a senior cat whose senior owner can't care for him is a senior sheltie whose owner has died and the last is a senior diabetic lab whose family say they can't afford treatment....all 12 of them tho are too freaking sad.

xmas really is my least favorite time in rescue..the numbers of homeless animals soar with the upcoming holidays. animals suddenly homeless will be lining up outside every shelter door just before xmas.
not so much about celebrating peace and joy and having a loving family for many animals...for them the end of the year means their life turns upside down and just ends.