Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2012

oliver is home from the vets. he is responding to caninsulin very least favorite choice. he is responding a bit too well...he has been bottoming out. anyway....we will watch him carefully until he stablizes.

after several days of no furnace and not a drop of hot water..we have both again. the breaker had popped. so i can once again have a hot more washing my hair in the sink with freezing cold water. that so totally sucked!

new pound leaking senior wanting in. they are going to bomb test her and let me know how she does. her leaking issues sound very reminiscent of halo's current problems. what are the chances of getting two bladder cancer dogs within a couple of weeks?

big hugs to KO who lost lippy gave him such a very great life KO...where ever he is now..he is doing ok.

also big hugs to mo whose dad is very ill...all of our positive thoughts and prayers are hoping that he will soon be well.

take care both of you.



Thanks for the well wishes for my dad he is doing well and hopefully coming home soon.

KO your little man was so greatly loved..hugs to you and Vern


so so sorry ko he was one lucky little boy and mo hope all goes well with your dad amd shit i did not know that wilma had gone. when did that happen knew about our beloved smokey but no idea about wilma. she really was a sweetie. rip wilma and smokey.


Thank you all for your thoughts for Lippy, my handsome little man, it means alot to me and my family. We've had 4 great years of giving the very best of spoiling our little man, cuddle bug. I promised him that I would take the very best of care of beautiful sister Lady. He was truly loved and will be missed. My thoughts are with you MO.


To house volunteers: So sorry, it is very icy here in Hope this morning and roads are bad, so I will not be able to make it in. I hope someone reads this early enough, and that the weather is better in Mission.


Mo, positive thoughts coming your way. KO, hugs to you... It hurts so much to lose a beloved friend and nothing anyone can say will make it better... But we are all here for you.

Wendy Scott

OMG Just read the bad news. I am so sad. My heart is broken to hear I have lost my dear Smokey. I can`t believe that this comes at the same time as I lost my Dad last year and my twin brother. I have lost a dear dog that I will love forever. I thank you Carol for your love and caring for him. He was a sweet dog and a gentle soul, like his sister Ewoky. I pray that Dad met him and they are together again. Rest in peace my sweet boy. I will always cherish our walks together . How is Ewok doing.They were always together after I moved down from 100 Mile House. She is a sweet dog, and I miss her too.Thank you Carol for being there with him, as he did not like going to the vets. My thoughts and prayers are with you both Ko and Mo. Bless you all, Carol and Saints.


So sorry KO about Lippy; and Mo, positive thoughts being sent your way too.


To KO and thoughts are with you...I know first hand what an amazing home you gave your little Lippy man...shower your love on Lippy's little Lady, she will need you.

Mo my prayers are with you...


So sorry Kathy. You guys were so good to him.
Thinking about you Mo. Hope your dad is feeling better.