Rescue Journal

my annual christmas carol (sung to "jingle bells...)

Carol  ·  Dec. 24, 2012

jingle bells, halo smells, phoebe's still a freak.
bobo is a great big boob and al is getting weak.
jingle bells, jesse fell, odie is a dick
loretta laid a brand new egg and pokey's getting sick.

dashing thru the snow with barrows piled high
o'er the ruts we go, trying not to cry.
howling dogs do sing, making tensions rise
what fun it is to have to sing the saintly song tonight.

jingle bells, squirt is well, amber has the runs.
conan ripped the dryer hose and mystic has great fun.
jingle bells, new dogs gel, babette has settled down
ziggy has post nasal drip and twosey is a clown.

jingle bells, stories to tell, life is so much fun
another year of joy and tears
with each and every one.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night
ho, ho, ho...




That poem was wonderful! Merry Christmas SAINTS, Carol, volunteers and all!


i am so sorry for your loss of her janette..she was a great dog and i know how much you truly adored her.
rip suzie, lucky girl to has such a great home and a very best friend.

big hugs to you janette!

Janette Korabo

Merry Christmas Carol! Thanks for everything you have done for me in the last year! Your Christmas song made me laugh and I have had a hard time doing that in the last couple of days. I lost my wonderful Suzie(my rotty/shepherd cross) on Sunday. She had had rectal cancer for 15 monthes so I am really lucky I had her for so long after she had been diagnosed. My world will not be the same without her...


Ha Ha Ha..great job..gave me a chuckle just when i needed it..Thanks for that..Have a Merry Merry Christmas every one !!!


I loved the poem, but seriously I want to wish ALL the Saints, the volunteers , the supporters and you, Carol-- A Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and clean non-icy roads!



Merry Christmas, Carol. Nice job on the song! Take it easy when you can :)