Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2012

on the weekend on my lunch break..jenn took my work ID off my neck and put it on the kitchen counter, next to the toaster. i have not been able to find it since then....did someone pick it up and put it somewhere safe??? i REAllY need it or i can't access my building at work after hours and i have afternoon shifts coming up.



i called jenn, she checked the bag, no ID tag. both she and i remember her putting it on the counter. i haven't seen it since and am pretty desperate to find it cuz there is no way work can replace it before my afternoon shifts. so if anyone saw it or moved it..please let me know asap!


I was there when she took it off. Did she put it by the toaster? Did she put it in the bag of Xmas hats she brought? Just an idea


Did you check if it fell between the counter and fridge? Or ask Mystic...maybe she knows