Rescue Journal

not blogging tonight

Carol  ·  Dec. 27, 2012

i have searched house, mp building, shop and ID tag is nowhere that i can find...freaking thing. i have switched 2 of my evenings to day shifts..maybe i can switch some of the other three...altho good luck to me unloading new years eve evening one is going to want to work that one.
this just so totally freaking SUCKS!


cathie k

Carol..Thanks for the Christmas wishes and thoughts for Red,both Oscar & Sharla are fine...Gypsy Rose Lee (formally,glitter..Ugh)She reminds me of a cross between Taz and Cowboy all teeth and ATTITUDE litter box moniter, Oh yah!!!We've had her three years.
Mo!!! Thank you for your thoughts on Red he has both guarded and guided me through many migrains he's never left my side...We've always been in his corner,When death comes to claim him I want to do it right,Carol's been a great example from Hutch to Frankie and many more, her steps are always steady and sure ..Yes I know you have second thoughts Carol who the hell doesn't Thanks to you both for this help... Cathie K

another Doreen

Odds are it may turn up just after you get the replacement.
Any klepto critters or critter tag-teams who may have knocked it onto the floor and then taken it off to their "den"?