Rescue Journal

something wicked this way comes?

Carol  ·  Dec. 28, 2012

hmmm..something is up with bess. last night she spent at least two hours pissing the bed buddies off by insisting on circling around staring at us, then standing and hanging her head on their bed. she finally settled into the playpen and slept. but bess is usually pretty unobtrusive..she quietly finds her comfy spot and stays put. it is not like her to be disuptive so i think something is bugging her.

geez..bambi is really an unforgiving bitch. jerry got into a scrap with her last week cuz jerry is always a total dick and she went right back at him, making him regret picking a fight with old miz toothless. since then she has jumped him a couple of more times..pretty much whenever she sees him. so last night i get up to pee and loyal, blind 18 yr old, dick headed jerry, gets up to follow me...when i came back i forgot to pick him up so i turned on the light so he could get back up onto the bed. as soon as he made it up the steps, bambi was on him like a dirty shirt and beating him to a pulp with her tongue. poor dick headed baby was terrified, he was shaking by the time i pulled her off.

bambi does not take shit from anyone and she does not let the fact that she is old and fat and toothless get in her way. jerry has made a real mistake with his foolhardy initial assault of her and she is going to make him pay...apparently day after day after day.

gideon looks pretty good in the cameras this morning..his weight no longer is freaking me out. he still is a bit thin but he has lost that scarecrow look so i am happy about that.

we had to re-cage chloe...she picked up a URI virus, probably because of all of her stressful medical care last week. i got a convenia injection from the vets for her so hopefully we can prevent a secondary bacterial infection. she will stay confined until she is feeling well again so we can easily moniter her and see how she is doing.

i think that is most of the is still a bit odd, crash is a bit more unsteady, oliver is hanging in and daphne has her bladder recheck today. i am working a 12 hour shift..8 in maple ridge and 4 in mission but then i do have a couple off...yay.

(in case you are wondering..jerry thinks bambi is the wicked one.)


Bunny Horne

Lynn, is there a soap opera episode where Brenda's evil twin steals the ID Tag and tries to blame it on Good Brenda?
MO, KO - we will bring breakfast veggies and fruit for the barn guys tomorrow.


Ohhhh you could become a soap opera actress, start throwing drinks in faces, slapping across the face and epic screaming! Tina is like a little Erika Kane! lol

Yep, SAINTS is a soap opera, must check in for daily episodes! ;)


Re: your lost ID tag: I'm kinda glad now that I wasn't in on Sunday, or I'd be wondering if I threw it in the garbage or something stupid, while being Miss Tidy-Bowl. I'm bad for getting rid of things hanging around on counters. Anyway, if it makes you feel any better I lost a set of my keys to my new van last week (and it's a fob with microchip), which would have cost me over $400.00 to replace. I drove myself crazy retracing my steps everywhere, and tore thru everything at home as well as at work. I'd given up ever finding them again.
Thenremembered that I had gone into the Natural Plus Dogfood Store in North Van, before heading home to Hope last week (to buy my dogs some Christmas treats and toys), and would you believe the keys were there!
I was so happy I actually hugged the storeclerk, so I can totally appreciate the frustration and anxiety involved.
I am at work all weekend, so will miss being at SAINTS again this Sunday. I'd rather be there for sure, so Happy New Year to everyone (a little early)

Carol need to be sorry (unless you stole the freaking thing and hid it on me!)
and sadly i am a soap opera queen...i am sure it is from living for far too long with those shrieking hysterical overreactive bed buddies.
good lord..i am morphing into tina.


I am ashamed to admit how many times I have come back here to check if you have found your ID. It's like the SAINTS soap opera! :)

Sorry for the extra hassle it has caused you. :(


thx bunny and brent.
no janet..never did find it. the kitchen dogs wouldn't have taken is somewhere. i went to security today and had a new photo done and cancelled the old card..the new card should arrive in 2-3 weeks and until then it will just be a major freaking hassle of borrowing from various other staff on their days off.
oh well, so it sucks.

janet nicholson

Did you find your ID? Maybe Mystic chewed it up? One of the dogs took it outside and buried it?
So glad that Gideon is doing better.


I love some of your blog "lead-ins" Carol - "something wicked this way comes" ..... They are very clever and often make me laugh.

Bunny Horne

Oh, I forgot....Brent is bringing the sub-penthouse for the Taj Mahal with us on Sunday.

Bunny Horne

Perhaps Gideon is very happy with his new habitat for brunch - he isn't bothered at all - other than Ray checkin' in to say "howdy - got any left for me". On Christmas Day he looked pretty content eating his brunch.