Rescue Journal

so sorry to lynne for her loss of bambi today

Carol  ·  Dec. 29, 2012

hugs from all of us to you. and thank you for giving her such a great home near the end of her life.
rest in peace big bambi, you were a very good girl.



Bambi, I love you and will miss you. Thank you for your love and friendship.


lol erin yo are too funny i forgot about the humping part she was quite excited by him too.


o lynne. im sure bambi and bear gossipped together too, when they werent humping. he sure loved her booty.


thanks everyone for your thoughts and love. i only have one regret concerning bambi and that is i did not bring her home earlier. she has been a pleasure to have and was quite the lady, she loved her walks on the dyke, her warm soft dog beds, cuddles and kisses. she went for a walk on the dyke friday morn and had a great time. she has always been a bit weak in the backend, but i am thinking along with what carol said that she must have had some sort of a stroke. i had to go out on fri at 200 but my husband was home at 500. she was fine when i left but when he got home she could not walk. she was in distress,not eating and drooling quite a bit my husband was up waith her most of the night, had to carry her out to go to the bathroom and put a nice warm blanket over her on her dog bed. i did not return home until sat morning and we decided to take her to the vets. i knew in my heart she was not coming home. she was in distress, was not going to be comforted,was definitely a different dog. i held her in my arms while they sedated her and she passed with warm kissses to her face. she will be greatly missed by my other golden oldie, and by my husband and me. rip bambi, i feel honored that we loved each other and i could give you a good home. thanks everyone , especially carol who took bambi in, maggie who totally loved her, and erin, who would go for walks with us and bear and bambi had a chance to play together.


Im so sorry Lynne! Bambi was such a sweet dog!!! Im sure glad she had you to spoil her in her last months <3

I was coming onto the blog to say Im sorry but I wont be able to come in tomorrow now. Ive been called into work for the morning. If im able to leave early enough ill try to come out afterwards though


My heart weeps for your loss Lynne! Your Bambi new that she was greatly loved by you & your husband, know she loved you greatly in return. Hugs to you & your family


Lynne I'm so sorry, everyone knew how much you loved her. You gave her a wonderful home.

Ann C

Oh no so sorry Lynn, Bambi was a lovely dog and so lucky to have you. Sweet dreams will be missed lots. Big big hugs Lynn, thinking of you.

shelagh f

sorry to hear about your dog, Lynne. You spoke fondly
of her.
Carol, there is no way you can force feed Chloe. She
doesn't trust anyone as it is, so that won't help her. I
think on this one, you might have to say, what will
be will be. Maybe, give her that big cage in the
far room and cover it, and see how she eats on her
own if she can maybe relax in there. Otherwise,
I think force feeding will stress you both out.
Remember, you are reducing stress. Hope you are
feeling a bit better


So very sorry lynne gave her a great home for her final days and that is such a wonderful gift..big hugs to you


So sorry to hear this Lynne. Bambi was a beautiful girl and very lucky to spend the end of her days with you guys in a loving home.


Oh Lynne, I'm so sorry! Big Bambi was a beautiful girl who was so fortunate to have found a loving home with your family! I am sure she passed feeling the love you and your family gave her. Hugs to you! Sweet dreams Bambi!

Carol Ann

This was a shock. So sorry Lynne I know you always loved her and spoiled her. I know how much it hurts. :(


So sorry Lynne. I know how much you loved that dog and gave her such a great home.


Oh, Lynne I'm so sorry and sad to read this at work. It must have been sudden. Big Bambi had such a great life with you. At the volunteer get together your husband was telling me what a good girl she is, and how much he cared for her too. She was a lucky dingo to end up in your family. Big hugs to you and family.