Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 2, 2013

i am so freaking pissed off at chloe..if she would just freaking eat, i could let her out of that cage. her URI has cleared up but she still will not eat. i finally decided to start force feedng, but then she ate a bit here and there so i backed off, i did not want to stress her out and make things worse by freaking her out. but now it has been more than a week with very little in and nothing at all over the past 3 days. and i am so mad at her because i am thinking, maybe i let her go too far. fucking freaked out/?feral cats drive me totally insane.
she had her surgery, she initially recovered well..that should have been the end of it. she should have been loose and slinking around, happily avoiding all contact with me. but then the URI hit, i saw it within a day and she was caged and medicated and should have then been ok within a couple of days. i should have not tried waiting her out hoping her appitite would pick up..i should have just grabbed, overpowered and force fed her...too freaking bad, end of story and stopped both of our screwing around.

but i didn't. and now i am regreting it.
all of the shoulds that didn't, all of the stress over worrying about her, all of her days of feeling like stressed out crap while stuck in that cage...i am so upset by all of it. enough is enough... i will try to stick her in a crate before i go work. i will take her to the vets and drop her off and it better not be too late.

please chloe...please... don't let it be too late.



sheis staying in st the vets for a couple of days to get her over this hump.


Have you tried an appetite stimulant or anti nausea meds? I don't know her full story of course because I'm just looking at this blog for first time since Nudge post over Christmas.