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can anyone help a 4 yr old lab cross?

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2013

she is at an interior animal control and up for euth.

apparently she got into a fight with another dog and bit her owner when she tried to break up the fight. the owner then surrendered her dog to animal control. this animal control cannot adopt out a dog with any kind of bite history so unless a rescue is found for her she will be euthanized.

i really can't take on a perfectly healthy 4 yr old, but i don't think she deserves to die because she bit someone when she was a bit distracted and in the middle of a fight.

i have no more info surrounding this.

anyone know anyone who might step up and help this dog?.....i have the contact info.


Dalia Tauber

Hello and greetings,

My husband and I shall be moving to Mission(from Richmond) on January 24th.
We have 3 sweet dogs and one "oldie" rescue that we are nursing back to health after a surgery.
Could you please let me know the name of the vet that Saints uses on a regular basis? All our dogs are rescued dogs and my husband and I often foster rescued dogs as well.
thank you so kindly


Hi there - I was sent this stream by someone who regularly reads this blog. I am located in Kamloops, not certain where this dog is but if she is in danger of euth and there is no one to take her, pls contact me at I would like to help - I have worked/volunteered in animal rescue for many years and have dealt with and re-homed many animals with or without 'issues' on my own or through rescues. My last rescue, a Doxie, bit me intentionally, and hard, when he first met me but he was just stressed and afraid, it happens. In a rucus with another dog my beloved lab mix broke my hand so badly that I needed surgery - but she was just protecting me. Again, it happens. If this dog's owner does not understand this, perhaps its best that she is re-homed but she certainly does not deserve to die. Pls do contact me if time is running out for her.


I hope the dog is not killed because he/she bit their owner.I've been bitten trying to break up dog fights and would never have a dog put to sleep because of that!


I just received word from the lady who initially contacted us regarding this lab x. She has two shelters in the 100 mile House area that may be able to take her. Mixed up Mutts and CCARRS. So this pup looks as though she may have a future after all.

Bunny Horne

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janet sent me an email...she has the info and is on this dog and already arranged for a trainer to go in and assess her tomorrow..she should be fine now but thx for the suggestions! i will let you know if things don't work out.


I have cross posted to Safe At Last Dog Rescue. Do you know where in the Interior Carol?


Carol, what about Saf At Last - Marion? I will inform her. They have their main rescue in chilliwack and the partner in Kelowna .


really, my dog bit me when i tried to break up a fight with my other dog. i certainly did not have him put down or called animal control. that pissess me off. i tried to break up a fight and got in the way . they do not like that and just react. that is not a reason to call animal control hope he finds a good home and is not put down.