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bitching again

Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2013

i really did not need to go to the doctor.
all i had to do was look at my parents to know what was looming before me...ovarian cancer on my mothers side and diabetes and heart disease on my fathers.
i am to start lipitor for my high cholestrol...need a further glucose tolerance test...and that's with only half of the tests back so far.
i think this is not great time to not be smoking..i am going to have to make too many big changes in my life.

huge sigh..i would truck out and buy some cigarettes tonight but i am already in my pj's and don't want to get dressed again.

in any case..done with yapping about my health shit..i will do and will not do whatever i can, the best that i can and will leave it at that.


there aren't any...everyone is pretty much the same as they were yesterday.

however..i want to put something out there...

we get a lot of requests for animals wanting or needing in here. nicole goes thru them..answers the vast majority and then passes on to me the ones she is not sure on. i look at those and lets say out of half a dozen or more..i say yes to two or three. that means i have just allocated space here to those two or three. and i am now going to say no to the next two or three. we are supposed to be the end of the line here...a no from us usually means theorectically thse next two or three are now going o be dead.

NOTHING pisses me off more than saying yes to some animals and then no to a bunch more and never hearing from the yes animals again...i am assuming that in the end they really didn't need us. this would be fine if this late decision did not preclude a few extra dead bodies.

i don't know how to avoid this..someone suggesed making requestors file a thousand dollar deposit so they don't dink around with our time and our available space and waste another animals life when they up and change their mind.

i am thinking tho of making any offer for admission a 24 hour offer only..25 hours later, the space goes to the next animal who needs....i am so freaking tired of the urgency/emergency/desperation of sad stories that never seem to arrive or try to arrive weeks or months later in their own very convenient time.

do not call here unless EVERY option has been explored and fallen thru. i am not the least bit interested in taking in animals who actually can go somewhere else. AND don't consign another animal to death by wasting our precious space and time by using us to cover all of the bases just in case either..we are not your magic fix eveyrthing wild card.

oh and while i am at bitching...

to the rescues who are importing animals from the high kill shelters in the states...

you are responsible to meet the needs of the animals you bring in. don't be trying to dump the sick ones, the dick headed ones here cuz you were expecting said rescue to be easy and problem free. bite the bullet babes and deal with what you bring in...and if they happen to end up being unadoptable for some reason..guess your family just got a brand new, life long, messed up best friend.
if you can't or won't guarantee them that..leave them where they were. half a job ain't is just another human loser looking for an easy way out.
stay out of the rescue kitchen if you are just in there to play and screw around.



the spca's and animal controls are not part of the issue.they don't even call unless it is an absolutely for sure last resort and then they work at getting the animal here which like with dogs like shep is not always easy. i have never held a space for a public shelter animal and not had them come UNLESS they suddenly hit a crises and needed to be unexpectedly euthanized...and no one can predict that.

it is some of the private rescues and the public that dick around with our space and our time..they run in a totally different less imminent life and death time zone than the rest of us. and they are really bad for coming up with a new and improved plan and forgetting to let the old plan folks know.


I too agree with a time-limited offer or at least lots of communication and effort in 24 hours. I don't agree with the $$$ thing. Some senior people die leaving pets and the relatives don't care enough to pay anything.

As for your test results, try to keep it all in perspective. So far no really bad news.

Sherry Lynn

I think that the 24 hour limit is reasonable provided that it is somewhat flexible in certain circumstances.

With Shep, it would simply not have been possible to get him there in 24 hours. Not in the winter. Travel this time of year through the interior is dicey at best. Today, for example, all routes to the lower mainland are closed. I really don't know what would have happened to Shep had we not found you and had he not made the cut.

It is so heartbreaking that there are so many animals in need. Having healthy, young animals languishing in shelters waiting for homes is depressing enough, but seeing animals that are old and/or have multiple health problems is even worse. Sometimes "no kill" is just as cruel.

I have started to resent puppies and kittens that come into the shelter. I always think, "Fantastic. Now no one coming in to adopt will even look at the older ones who are just as wonderful."


I think the 24 hour limit is an absolutely splendid idea. then you can tell the assorted shelters you can let them know in 24 hours or less. it will probably save quite a few that wou would otherwise have to turn away.


I've got to update the contact page to have some surrender info as everyone ignores that fact that we state we are closed to admissions and sends me emails anyways!!
The only one I'm concerned about was the diabetic lab. My emails kept bouncing back at me. Hopefully she found somewhere to land.


lol nicole...thank you so much for dealing with the freaking head banging emails!!


Hmm, I'm guessing it's inappropriate if I copy and paste this as my reply to all the emails I get...

francesca wilson

Carole, Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow - Wednesday.

Barb H

I agree that the 24 hour time limit is totally reasonable. I actually thought you would have already had something like that in place, since, unfortunately, there seems to be a never ending supply of these needy animals for you.


So True Carol (you are responsible to meet the needs of the animals you bring in) I think that goes with any pet one gets, as you have said many times such as bunnies etc...


I think that making a time-limited offer of admission is perfectly reasonable, unless other arrangements are made.

Perhaps also giving them the information about the probable outcomes for the animals that you turn away in order to accept theirs may make them think twice. Even if it only saves a few, it's certainly worth it to those saved.

Thanks for all you and your staff do. It's amazing.