Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2013

jelly is on long term antibiotics for her feet...she has a deep pyoderma going on which is why it never completely clears.
lottie has lost 20 pounds since the middle of october..holy shit! 20 pounds..i didn't even think it was that much. this is despite three full can feedings of canned food every day on top of the free range kibble. anyway..i left her at the vets for repeat bloodwork and abd. xrays..i will pick her up when i take shep in for his appointment but i know she has cancer inside her somewhere.

maybe a new incoming...a 3 month old palliative pitty puppy from animal control. i say maybe because they have faxed over his vet records from the clinic he is currently at to our vet to look at. if we can't give him a decent quality of life for at least a couple of months, no point in transferring him if he is never going to be able to actually leave the vets...better to just let him go.

i will let you know.



Carol, Tracy Anderson is trying to find Janice as one of her horses is down but she can't get hold of her. If someone has Janice's number please call her and ask her to call Tracy.