Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2013

lottie has a large tumor on her spleen...that combined with the 20 pound weight loss is really bad news.

shep has a rectal hernia (better than cancer...) and pemphigus on his nose (i liked the previous vet's diagnosis of frostbite better but sadly it is not.)

both of them are home and we are awaiting their bloodwork results..pretty sure shep is in renal failure..not sure what lottie's bloodwork will say.

the little pitty puppy will be transferred to our vet clinic tomorrow...thank you sheila for getting him for us!

frank is a girl so now her name is francine but we can still call her frankie so that is good. she and chance and amber all go into the vets first thing tomorrow morning.

chloe has bounced right back to her normal self so i am really happy about that.

i am changing the little puppy's name cuz i don't like "butter" so feel free to offer suggestions, he needs a new name by tomorrow.

pokey is started on his meds so hopefully he soon will feel better.

daphne is on antibiotics for another 5 weeks and then we move to pulse therapy (5 days on 3 weeks off) long term.

bess is holding her own and is now very attached to my bed.

halo has a ton of blood in her urine again (bladder cancer)..but she is still happy and otherwise doing ok.

jesse is not checking out fast enough so today renee and erin gave him a really good bath! he wasn't too happy about that.

please send positive thoughts to janice and her sweet horse dior...last i heard the vet was on his way so hopefully she will be ok.

that is it for the news today.



I guess I missed the news on Daphne ... can somebody point to a date when her situation was discussed. Hope she is OK.


Yea for Dior & Janice, very glad to read this.

Puppy names


Any word about Clara ?


Glad to hear your horse is going to be ok Janice.

I like the name Boomer for the new puppy.



I like Aspen... And Jasper
Halo is such a sweetie, sad to hear of all the blood


Roxane just left.. and Carol followed me home thank you both. Dior gave us all quite a scare as did she to my neighbours who came to her rescue when i was at work. Dior had been struggling for two hours to get up. She probably laid down in the pasture as it was pretty mild out here can see the mass of mud she created trying to get up on her own. The girls moved her off the position she was cast on.. downward slope making it hard for a senior horse to get up. Dior went into a seizure , and after giving her warm water and sugar to ward off possible hypoglycaemic they let her rest and then they got rough. After doing everything . they knew they had to get her up and thank God they did what they did . Roxane was here and i don't know what i would do with out you. Long story short both horses are in the barn after renovations and i am beat BUT Dior is covered in warm blankets , dosed with pain killers , eating and drinking ..pooping fine and thank God... Carol I will be late tomorrow morning but hoping i can be there for a while then return home to check and then come back for turn in. There is no one who can be here for me .. Dior hasn't been confined for over 4 years .. we were unsure if she was going into a colic or not. I am so tired i don't even know if i makign sense here or not. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and words.


Carol, I didn't know if it was too late to call back and I just got your voicemail. I can't get ahold of Ryan, I tried calling and texting and I also face booked him. If I hear from him I will let you know.


Wendy try here and enter mission canada & B.C & it should come up


Hi, I am trying to "vote" for you on the shelter challenge.. but it wont let me find you when I fill in the info.& search.... tips?


the vet sent him home with some viaderm cream erin..we are to apply it twice a day for now.


oooh shit janice thinking of you and your horse. what can we do for sheps nose? poly to make the cracking hurt less maybe? how bout aspen for the pup?


Sending positive thoughts to you and your horse Janice! Hope everything turns out okay.


We used to have a pitty named Boomer. Short for Boomerang because he used to fly around and play like one.That might be a good name for the new puppy. I hate the name "Butter" too