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fletcher had his dinner and is settled for a bit so i will give you a more detailed day...

Carol  ·  Jan. 10, 2013

i woke up to more snow again dressed, did the diabetics, and went out to warm up and clean off the car. i grabbed a couple of crates and loaded up frankie, chance and amber. chance was totally pissed at being stuck in a crate so he pooped in there several times...the smell was horrible.

when we got to the vets they took him off to the back to hose down the crate and give him a bath. in the mean time amber and frankie had their check ups and both were given new meds. once chance was presentable, he had his check and also got some new meds. lottie's and shep's bloodwork was back so the vet and i talked about that...lottie's was not very good in many diifferent ways. shep is showing some signs of liver disease so we are going to do more testing on him. we talked about lottie and bess and when i should put them down and we decided that i really couldn't give them anything more than i already had and it was ok to let them go while they were slowly winding down before it became a nightmare for them. i made an appointment for 3pm today.

i brought chance, amber and frankie home home around 1030 and erin told me halo kept trying to pee but nothing was coming out. i called the clinic and they could see her at 1215. i loaded her up and took her back to maple ridge afraid we were going to have to put her down. sheila had arrived at the clinic with the new pup so i got to meet him then. we still had some time before halo could be seen so we bought sandwiches at subway and took halo to the park for a possible last supper picnic. after she ate her 6 inch roast beef sub..halo had a small bloody pee. we took her back to the clinic and the vet examined her and sent us out to walk her and get a urine sample. if there was any bacteria in it, we would try antibiotics again..if her urine was clear, then we we should euthanize her because that tumor was now very large and starting to obstruct her.. we got a very bloody sample and it showed just a few bacterial cells but that was enough to try antibiotics again. we loaded her back up and i took her home and picked up lottie and bess to take back in. i made them each a cheese and pastrami sandwhich and erin and janice helped me load them into the car. dionne came to say good bye to them and erin was crying and then i could feel tears starting too.

we got to the clinic and i fed them their sandwiches while they got the first sedation injections. soon they were both sound asleep side by side and lottie was snoring gently. the vet gave them each the final injection and i cried as they both passed quietly away.

the bloodwork wasn't back on fletcher yet so i left him there and went to lindsey's to hold and play with ethan for a little bit...i needed a baby fix. the vet called and said the bloodwork as back and fletcher was a hemophiliac missing both facter 7 and 8. he explained to me what that meant for fletcher and i asked if i had to put him down today. he said no but i would be doing it one day.

i picked fletch up from the clinic and i brought him home into my room. he is a bit nervous when i am not with him so i don't leave him for long alone. i fed him his dinner and settled the mp building and gave the diabetics their insulins. now that i am almost finished posting, i will go to bed with him.
and i will think about bess and lottie and what good dogs they were and how i wish that their whole entire lives and been filled with the same pure hearted goodness that was so strong in them and how much i miss them tonight. i will think about halo and how much time i will have left with her while cuddling that sweet little puppy who one day soon will be following bess and lottie and halo to the other side.

and that was today in rescue.


Bunny Horne

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So sorry about Lottie and Bess,, they were very sweet girls. I will miss Bess' soul-filled "all knowing" eyes and Lotties hound howl and ever persisting love of food.
Can't wait to see fletcher.


oops-- left out part of the address in one of the links:


Carol -- Don't give up yet. I am not sure what type of hemophilia Fletcher has, but is can be manageable in dogs. Some websites with information:

Bless you for welcoming Fletcher to SAINTS.


Although giving treatment through IV's for a doggy would be problematic if it was ongoing...


I googled hemophillia - granted it was a very simple page I was reading but I found this

“Thanks to the development of clotting factor products, most people with hemophilia can look forward to a near-normal life span.”

Mayb Fletcher is able to have the same treatment has a human. The treatment page said this:

"In the past, people would receive concentrates of clotting factors that had been collected from blood donors. Today, man-made Factor VIII and Factor IX (called recombinant Factor VIII and recombinant Factor IX) are created in vast quantities.

Recombinant hemophilia factors are made in the test tube. They are not extracted from human blood products. So, the risk of contracting transfusion associated virus diseases (such as HIV and hepatitis viruses) is greatly diminished.


I never met Lottie and don't her story - but I always browse the city of Kamloops animal control page and saw a posting that she had been transferred to Saints.

I went to your page and saw your wonderful work - and felt happy that she was spending her remaining time in a place where she would be loved and cared for.

So rip Lottie - and I will support Saints Rescue in your memory. Thank you all for what you do.


ahh..jonathon livingston seagull..i hd forgotten about that book. i need to read it again.

no courage from me. the courageous are these animals who live these difficult lives and meet their ends with such grace.


Carol; thanks for taking the time to go thru the day with us - You are the most courageous person I know. Fletcher was the name of the "teacher" seagull in the book "Jonathon Livngston Seagull" (good book for all you people too young to know)- so maybe Fletcher will teach us all something important, and help us not be so scared of the inevitable!