Rescue Journal

it has been pretty horrible day...

Carol  ·  Jan. 10, 2013

i am busy wth the new puppy and will post more later but for now...

halo was rushed into the vet looked like she had obstructed with that bladder tumor. she is able to pee again now and she is home and on antibiotics again but if she continues to have problems peeing..., i am to bring her in for euthanization right away.

fletcher the palliative pitty pup is here...he is most definitely palliative, he has hemophilia and can bleed out from the smallest bump or injury..including when he starts losing his baby teeth.

and the worst of today...

we lost both bess and lottie today. the vet basically told me i was playing russian roulette putting the inevitable off by waiting for the right moment... both of their cancerous spleens were going to rupture at any time now and without warning and it would not be an easy death for them to go that way. i trust our vets completely... i took them together into the clinic and they both passed very peacefully away.

it has been a brutal day.


Susan H

I'm so sorry about the loss of Bess and Lottie. They were so lucky to have had the love of all of you....


Lottie and Bess, such lovely sweet souls. I am so glad I had the opportunity to care for you while you were with us. You will be missed.


Very sad indeed, it is wonderful though that these guys had their final days hanging out at the barn , going for walks, sleeping on human beds, getting yummy treats, good food & lots of soft comforting strokes & pets from all the SAINTS staff, Carol & the volunteers.

I don't remember where they came from but it is comforting to know they left this world being cherished.

Good sleeps good dogs, you will be missed & remembered


i am so sorry about bess and lottie they were very sweet dogs. erin i know how much bess meant to you big hugs to you and carol will see you tomorrow. rip sweet girls.

Wendy Scott

Hugs to you Carol. Sad news again. You made the right decision for them, and they were loved until the end.


holy smokes... i've never heard of hemophilia in dogs! yikes!
i don't suppose they could use an equivalent of Factor 8? they probably don't produce it for doggleys. :-(

i'm so sorry it was a crappy day, Carol. :-( it was the right decision- those tumors on the spleens are awful. our Remmy had one, and he was fine minute minute, bouncing to go out, then fallen down, slowly dying. :-( he was one of the best dogs we ever had.


Holy shit what a crappy sad. Bess & Lottie were such very good dogs....huge loss. RIP dear girls..


Awww bess & lottie, such sweet sweet girls. All they wanted was a cozy bed or playpen & good food. All the unconditional love they finally received was a bonus. Such gentle souls, RIP

Bunny Horne

So very sorry about today's losses. I was looking forward to seeing Lotti this weekend. RIP Sweet Babes.

Carol, a SAINTS supporter contacted Maggie advising the beloved family dog had passed on & she wanted to donate the remaining meds. Maggie arranged for Brent to pick them up. We will bring them with us on Sunday. The vials are almost completely full.
Vetmedin 2.5mg, Metronidazole 250mg, Hepato Support Caps, Revolution, Fortekor Chew 5mg
We will leave them on the table in the shop for you.


Carol is Hemophilla similar to Hemalitic anemia? I don't think I've ever heard of it before in a dog. Poor Fletcher , I hope he has so much fun being a puppy for whatever time he has with you.


he won't be able to avoid it..right now he is a happy active 3 month old puppy...even chewing too hard on a toy can kill him or bumping into a table or scratching himself on the fence wire. we can build him a padded room and make him live there toyless and safe (maybe) until his baby teeth start falling out or we can let him be a happy puppy and watch him die one day.
it totally sucks.

oh and by the way...he is freaking ADORABLE.

and losing bess and lottie today is absolutely heartbreaking...such sweet and gentle dogs.


Such a sad, sad day. Hugs to all of the Saints staff & your wonderful vets. I can't even begin to imagine how hard today was on all of you. God bless


Oh Carol: how awful to lose both Bess and Lottie in one day - both old beautiful girls. I'm so sorry, - and Halo just hanging on -shit!
Fletcher, can't
wait to meet him, but his prognosis sounds pretty scarey- how does a puppy avoid bumps or injuries?