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so i will tell you what makes me sad about fletcher...

Carol  ·  Jan. 11, 2013

when i picked him up from the vets yesterday...he didn't want to leave. he kept straining to get back to dave (our vet) and that told me a lot about how that poor puppy was feeling.

loss one...he was taken away from his mother and his litter mates and placed in a home somewhere.
loss two...he somehow got lost from that home and they never came to find him.
loss three...he was at surrey animal control and the staff there really loved him and he loved them back but he got sick and had to go to the vets.
loss four..the staff at the vet clinic also really liked him a lot..they cuddled and played with him as much as they could and fletch really liked them too.
loss five...he comes to our vets and everyone is so kind and gentle with him, he doesn't want to lose them too, he wants to stay with them.

and so he comes to saints and everyone here is nice and kind and he sleeps tightly squeezed up against me. and he is afraid when i leave and frantic when i return.

so many losses for such a small babe.

god damn the idiot who bred another pit puppy...there are so many lost and unwanted already.



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If interested, I can arrange a phone call between you and my old vets from Long Island, NY, who are both graduates from Cornell with many years of experience -- 45 and 49 years respectively. Here is their website:

my email is


Per the blood tests you had done, it sounds like he has Factor 7 and Factor 8 Deficiencies. The following are links to information. Cornell is one of the very best vet schools in the United States.

Factor 8 is more serious than Factor 7.

There is no cure, but it can be managed. However, I imagine it will a challenge to manage such a serious illness in a setting like SAINTS due to the risks associated with the number and personalities of the other animals and the fact that Fletcher is an inquisitive puppy.


are any of the big vet schools (cornell, michigan etc) doing any thing with clinical trials or experimental drugs for this? Yes, they might have lousey side effects and might not even work but they also might afford him a life beyond six or so months. If you call the big vet schools they will, in fact, talk either to you or your vet. I know this from personal experience.


yes renee you can have the 23rd off..make sure you let erin know cuz i will forget!

hi suzanne...sadly there is no treatment or cure for hemophiliac dogs.


can he get the clotting factor meds and would they work for him? what a gut wrencher this one is... they all are gut wrenchers but this one? he's brand new and should have a long and wonderful life ahead of him.


Carol would it be possible to get Wednesday the 23rd off? My class is going to see a matinee in Vancouver that counts towards our grade. I forgot to ask you when I saw you at work today lol.