Rescue Journal

morning musings....

Carol  ·  Jan. 13, 2013

i have to admit when that puppy sleeps...he is really sweet, soft and cute.

daphne has finally reclaimed a spot next to me under the covers...her "i hate damn puppies in my bed' sulk is apparently over. it was nice to have her back with me again.

halo happily left the food bowl and slept again in the playpen but june and mystic stayed out of my room and far away from fletch even tho the gate was open.

i do think it is a better idea to let everyone learn to tolerate fletch while he is so obviously a puppy. if i wait til he is bigger and sturdier they may not accept him as well..especially if he remains a dough-head. plus they will all teach him puppy appropriate manners. mystic may be a handful with humans but she does have great doggy skills.
HOWEVER...i think you guys should leave the responsibility of him being in close contact with the bigger dogs to me and just keep him with the little guys during the warrior weekends. i am pretty good at catching things before they get out of hand and the roar of my voice settles everyone down pretty damn quick. i learned last night that if i roar "NO" to fletcher when he is biting me, he stops right away. half a dozen roars in a row and he satisfied his taste buds by licking me to death. not great but better than being a pit-puppy chew toy.

damn that crash...every single morning he pees at the front of the big dog mat and then goes back to sleep at the back, where it is dry. i can't change it cuz he is sleeping (and i don't want to be wrestling with matts and sheets at 6 am every morning!) so... i have to pad up the wet front with towels so the other dogs have somewhere dry to lie. two steps further and he could at least pee on the easily mopped up floor!

it is weird without mya in the commuter room...her crate looks so empty and forlorn. but i really hope that this is the home of her dreams and that she and her new family will be very happy.

i was missing lottie and bess last night...esp at diabetic feeding and bed time. lottie was so determined to please have some canned food too...and bess was such a great (and quietly polite and content) bed buddy.

three big dogs out so quickly has left three big holes behind.

well..i guess i better get ready for work...and it looks like my car is frozen again. man it is cold up here in the mornings...can't wait for spring again.

remember..the shop water lines are still frozen so the mp laundry has to come to the house. please try to go easy on the linen use as much as we can. do pad up my room well tho...fletch is flooding tons of dilute urine..i don't think his kidneys are working too well.

see you all at lunch time..i hope your day here goes well!

for the far away folks..jenn took some photos of fletch yesterday so she will probably post them sometime today. he moves a lot so i am not sure how good they will be..she said she thinks she got a couple of decent shots but i had to sit with him to keep him stationary (and i HATE being in pictures so i am not looking too happy altho i did really try once to fake smile!).



Yes totally thrilled to hear all is going well withMya..she is a real sweetie and I love thinking of her having her very on family
Thanks Dave and family !!

And Fletch is stunning...


thanks for the update dave! we LOVE updates, keep em coming! shes such a good dog, so deserving of a home of her own, thanks right back to you :)


So nice to hear about Mya - all the house volunteers were wondering today about how things were going. Just a note: she loves to play fetch outside off leash, and is wonderful about returning the ball each time. She is a sweetheart, and we're all so grateful that she has found her home with you.


Just a short note to say that Mya is doing great with us here in Vancouver. She puked on the way home, no big deal, once we got to our old 103 year old house, Mya sniffed every inch of all 3 stories. She is so far so good, she loves the one on one attention and is getting lots of attention from all of us here.

This week we will introduce her to our vet, have her checked over. There has been no signs of nervousness or anything but stiffness in her hind quarters. Mya went on her first City walk today and seemed happy to sniff the neighbourhood.

I believe that Mya will be very happy here, I think she thinks she is in a dog spa. She is a very affectionate dog, we all are in love with her.

Thanks to everyone who helped save this beautiful dog she is a real sweetie and will be an important member of my family.


carly, he is white, brown with a little black on his face. he is very cute. i guess you will see him when jenn posts the pics. he is a love bug


You're right Curt - Fletch isn't exactly little. He's all long legs and big feet!! And as Brenda said, an adorable face that you love instantly. He's tan and white, Carly.


It was strange not having Mya in the computer room today - but her crate came in handy for Crash to "crash" in for awhile, and give Buddy a break from his constant attention. Crash was much better when he came out. Oh, and Fletch is a doll - such a gorgeous face - especially when he's tired and decides to fall asleep with his head in your lap. I noticed the other bed buddies were giving him lots of personal space on the bed, so I decided to sit with him for a bit - he's such a lovey!


Met Fletcher this morning - what a sweet, adorable, loving little pup (but VERY high energy).

Wendy Scott

Carol, how is Ewok doing since Smokey has passed? Has she adopted any other dog as her buddy? I hope she is okay as Smokey and her were together for so long. She is such a gentle dog and I miss her and Smokey. Give her a hug from me.

shelagh f

my last puppy that I will ever have, (old dogs are so
much better), was brought up with an old dog. The old
dog taught him a lot, one thing being, if there is
nothing to do, just lie down and relax. Forget all that
jumping and biting stuff. Maybe everyone else, except
Mystic and June, will teach the puppy.


If you are on a well, leaving a tap running all night could burn out the pump.


Just a litle reminder to keep a tap running in the house at night to keep your lines from not freezing in there. You don't want to loose water for that much needed hot bath!