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this made me laugh...from brent

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2013

8.Re: Winter and outside water- There is a new hose installed at the barn. There are two electrical cords plugged in, just inside the door. One cord heats the hose, the other heats the water pipe extending from the ground. These need to remain plugged in (as was not the case Sunday morning). This is the ONLY water source for all outside troughs so I would respectfully request that only GOD and/or CAROL be the ones to unplug these cords. Thank-you.

and yeah to what brent said!

it was a sweet night..michelle and chris came in after barn bedtime and cuddled the bedroom, big dog room guys so everyone was feeling emotionally full and content by the time i went to bed and didn't need too much more from me..that was nice!

curt said chloe came out and took some treats from him yesterday...who knows who that cat will be in another year or so. hope she changes a lot more quickly...she is starting to look like she needs brushing badly!

shep obviously wanted to come back to the house last night, so i said ok. he quickly changed him mind when he remembered the puppy was there so he went back to the mp room which will remain forever fletcher free....shep is too old to deal with little, spastic, happy to see grandpa freaks.

i think pokey is turning the corner...he seems to be perkier and is eating a bit better finally.

ray just about took out chris at bedtime...apparently everyone was mixed up and in the wrong spots. ray is a freak to get in and eat and loses his mind if he waits too long. anyway..for everyone that ever puts the barn guys to bed..the safest order to let the horses in is...ray first, then gideon, then flicka and dixie last.
mr. " i will never be hungry again..." has zippo for patience if there is food waiting for him in the barn.

mystic is an idiot...she is currently sleeping OUTSIDE on the karunda bed...i can see her thru the cameras. what a is freezing outside! note to myself or anyone who thinks to do it first..lets put a nice warm bed in the dog house so miss "i like the winter" has a decent bed when she is pretending to be a snowbunny dog.

2 more shifts...i could so have slept in past my 6 am alarm today..that bed felt so good even with all of the bed buddy guys!


shelagh f

hope food situation is ok, was coming today, but not
with snow and ice. probably not as bad as they make
it sound, but I hate snow. Have car full of food and
apples, will see what tomorrow looks like.