Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2013

homemade soup, homemade bread and a corona is good!
i think i might just throw in a semi-hot bath and maybe a load of personal laundry and slip over into decadent self indulgence.

hey!...a cheery thought!

max is having trouble with his eyes again...dionne left me note to check it and it looks like he has another corneal ulcer starting. we will start him on some BNP in addition to his other eye meds and i will try to get him into the vets this week.
erin reported that halo has suddenly developed a severe itchiness..i am thinking it is a uremic frost. i made an appointment for her on wed. in the mean time the vet said we can give her venactyl P to keep her comfortable.
i also made an appointment for al..some of the dogs are licking him over and over and that worries me a bit. i can't find any obvious tumors but i might as well get him in and get him checked just in case.

i checked with the vet today about fletchers kidneys and his bloodwork did show he is having some problems. so that explains why he is peeing so much. i am hoping that with a good fish based high protein diet, it may help him somewhat. he needs the high protein because he is a growing and malnutritioned pup... fish proteins are the easiest proteins for the kidneys to break down plus they are high in antioxidents..that may give his kidneys a chance to rest and who knows..maybe they will heal themselves.

hope floats.

well..if i want to have a bath and do some laundry tonight..i guess i better quit blogging and start poking the diabetics. there are only so many hours left in this evening.



halo and al are going to eastridge but you could take oliver with you,,he is for drop off at hillndale wed morning and that saves me rushing to get him in before we leave for maple ridge.

i have your cell number michelle..i will look at them wed afternoon after the vet visits.


Do you still have my cell # for the futon pick up carol? I forgot to check with you yesterday?


Carol, I forgot to tell you that I booked in Ed for his shave on Wednesday so I can also take Halo (if shes going to Hill N Dale) if her and Ed will get along in my car.