Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 18, 2013

fletcher is a much sweeter and nicer puppy when he feels sick. he was such a pain in the ass last night between accosting me and then daphne, that i wanted to kill him.
big sigh....he better not grow up into a mother-deaf dick head...he had daphne pretty damn upset and that was with me right there to immediatley stop him from bugging her...she is not his squeaky, screaming toy....
puppies suck. and i am trying to get fletch switched over to the go fish diet but that little bugger absolutely will not eat anything that is not canned pedigree. he won't even eat puppy food and it is not like we can starve him until he stops being stubbornly picky, he is far too thin and medically unstable for that.

i am so tired today, getting out of bed was hard...i don't feel like i just had 2 days off..i need 2 days more.

pokey started eating last night..he liked that new specialty food i just bought. can't remember what it is, it is a new brand for me...the merricks was no longer available at that store. in any case...i better go and buy some more.

if anyone is able to come and grab some shop laundry..we would really appreciate it. i put it over the top with giant blankets/quilts from my car because shep and fletch kept pissing on them necessitating multiple changes with multiple vet runs AND i made dionne stop doing laundry at 2 pm yesterday so i could have some hot water for my bath. i think there are 4 full baskets of leftovers in there to start today...that is too many for catch up. by the time the weekend is over the amount of leftovers will be astronomically nutz. is getting late. better get to feeding puppies and feeding and poking diabetics and getting dressed. yuck....over tired work mornings truly suck.



the only reason i want him on the fish diet ellen is because not only is it high protein which a puppy needs to grow well but it is a super easy protein for the kidneys to break down AND it actually is really good for the kidneys in terms of flushing them of toxins (fish is one of the best antioxidents around.). the meat diets are too hard on poorly functioning kidneys and will just make his kidneys shut down faster.

Dr Patrelli told me that quite possibly the reason mystic's deformed kidneys did not kill her in the end is because we had her on a high quality fish diet only for more than a year. apparently puppies stand a better chance of improving their damaged kidneys by growing new cells while they are still actively growing if fed exclusively high quality fish diets.
who knows for sure tho? but i will try anything not too crazy to help keep him well.


Just a question .... if fletcher is palliative and he really, really, really likes canned pedigree, why not just let him have it. At the end of my days I wouldn't want to be put on a special diet even if it was good for me. I would eat what I like (chocolate, probably).

janet nicholson

Sorry, Daphne, but it is good news to read that Fletch is being a typical puppy again.


Carol I'll come up and pick up the laundry. I didn't take any yesterday, even the stuff out of your car, because when I hit the shop on my way home at 12:45 there was just half a load left.
Could you give me a call about the plumbing?