Rescue Journal

heads up...

Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2013

cam will be installing the new hotwater tank today so he will be turning the water off. best if everyone gets their water stuff drawn up and over with early in all areas before the water gets turned off.
also can the computer room be done first thing this morning so he can get in and out while he is working without getting in everyone's way? he will probably be here around 11 am after he picks up the tank.
please watch the dogs and cats with the crawl space being open and the doors/gates (inside and out) opening and closing..he is a plumber not an animal rescuer and our guys might be quicker than he can deal with. his hands and mind will be full of our plumbing stuff and our animals will take advantage of this.
PLEASE keep odie out at the barn so we don't have an accidental kitchen fight between him and the boob!

fetch has shed first blood...not his own thank god but mine. good thing i am not a hemophiliac or i might have died.
just kidding but watch that little buggers sharp nails, he ripped thru the skin on my arm. he is apparently still feeling quite well...he is a royal pain in the butt.

i should be home for lunch...see you guys then!



Hi Carol. I got the new DVD player working in the MP room. Tests seemed quite happy about that. Chance went on a stroller walk with me. I must say I love CC. What a nice dog!


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