Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2013

so the new kitchen tap is in..the hot water tank actually is working now (there was a loose electrical connection)..the washer cold water line is probably plugged up inside the machine but cam cleaned out the hoses again just in case. i think i will look at starting with a clean, unplugged slate by bringing a brand new washer in once the new filtration system is in. i am hoping that finally our water pressure problems are solved.

hot bath tonight..yay! i am so sore and achey... i need a good long hot soak.

michelle and chris had the barn all done by the time i got home, that was a nice treat. i got home just in time to say hi and goodnight to everyone but late enough not to have to do any work. such a deal!

fletch is still feeling good..he is being a royal puppy pain in the ass.

i talked to the vet today and frankie is doing ok, she can probably come home tomorrow.

pokey is still eating really well.

other buddy has settled in really well too.
i am really happy he is here and i think he is happy too.

i love cc..she is just so sweetly appealing.

well, the dogs are all sleeping, i have had my dinner...time for my LONG awaited hot bath...imagine just simply turning the taps on and poof tons of hot water flows out.
life is good.



BeUtiful new dogs!
Hope you enjoyed your long hot bath. I don't even get a good hot bath here...... I may be coming to Saints for one .


Here's hoping that by the time you read this your finger and toe pads are just starting to unwrinkle from the crazy long, super hot bath!


It truly is the simple things in life that give us the most pleasure..hoped you throughly enjoyed your bath.

CC is a doll..OB ( aka Other buddy) the new old lab X is a absolute treasure..such a gentleman..what great dogs.