Rescue Journal

i am finally able to return to being a hot bath addict..big freaking and genuine YAY!

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2013

so Dr. Petrelli was here..her current saints patient list includes...
max 1, black buddy, shep, tess, daphne, chance, jazzy, crash and fletch. she met them all, had their initial exams and will formulate and implement treatment plans..some natural meds, some vitamins and supplements and some accupuncture, depending on who needs what. i won't need to be here when she starts their treatments now as she has the info on them and the staff will be here when i am not.

this is all in addition to their regular more traditional vet care (which Dr Petrelli uses also.) i am a firm believer not so much in the power of one but in the combined power of many. and i am a firm believer in the overall benefits of vitamins, supplements and accupuncture when it is provided by someone as qualified, highly educated and brilliant as Dr. Petrelli. i say this because there are many folks out there practicing medicine who maybe don't really have the credentials to support what they do. and i caution folks to be careful when looking at alternatives to ensure whoever they choose is knowledgable AND qualified to practice whatever type of medicine that they do.

well everyone is well settled for bed now and i am off to soak this old achey body in another beloved hot bath.

i cannot tell you how much my daily life has improved just being able to have everything work properly when i turn on a tap!

i probably should move olivers bed out of the hall..every time i walk past it and see it empty, i remember that he is not here.