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squeaky is no longer available for adoption...

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2013

she already has a great home. johanna who had adopted both mighty mouse and then a few years later, milo...will be adding squeaky to her family. mighty mouse (aka benson, passed on a few years ago) and milo is sadly now very close to the end of his road (i believe he is almost 17!) squeaks will stay with us for a little bit until everything is set up and ready but she will be moving on in the near future so please no one get super attached because she is now officially adopted and not available.



So, what you are saying is alle the peps at Saints are now to be called Brenda & all the animals will be called Buddy?


lol..all people shall be called brenda..all dogs shall be called buddy!
that is brenda who knew her before shs got to saints and knows squeaky's likes. johanna will spoil that little dog rotten..she will get the very best of everything. she is already planning her vet visit to look at squeaks hernia.

Brenda McCormick

Just to clarify: The first "Brenda" comment is from me - (the house volunteer). I don't know who the other Brenda is? Just like the "Buddy's" at SAINTS!! I got confused when I saw a comment I didn't remember making, that's all - and I haven't a clue as to what Squeaky likes as I've not met her yet.


Sounds just like my little girl, Brenda - loves Ceasar dog food and burrowing in a blanket!!

Is anyone else having trouble with the Shelter Challenge website? It keeps saying the link is broken, even when I go to vote directly on their site.


I hope the home Squeaky is going to will give her lots of love. Remember she likes Ceasar dog food and likes to burrow in a blanket.

Dalia Tauber

Carol dearest,
Would you please call me asap?
Dalia Tauber from Embrace a Discarded Animal Society.
My husband and I are moving to our new home in Mission today.
need to talk to you.
thank you so much
DAlia 1-604-376-7101